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Cobra PS3 USB Dongle Reversed by Zadow, Payload Development

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131w ago - Following up on the recent PS3UserCheat dongle hacking news, today PlayStation 3 developer zadow28 has updated his ongoing work with some reverse-engineering and payload development research on the DRM-infected Cobra PS3 USB dongle.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (77.33 MB) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror) / [Register or Login to view links] (350.88 KB - place these in the Cobra-USB_PS3_Updater_v1_0\CBUP43210\USRDIR directory) / [Register or Login to view links] (954.98 KB)

It's important to note that these files are not end-user friendly yet, work still needs to be done by those familiar with PS3 PPU / SPU coding in [Register or Login to view links] by other PlayStation 3 developers to further develop payloads for dongle-free PS3 scene solutions.

Finally, below are some recent related Tweets via Twitter (linked above), as follows:

If you cant uses the stuff i post carry on. as promised i post all i find compared to others. Like secrets Hens that work on 4.11

Its my findings regarding the cobra, lot off reversed, and decrypted. Shouldn't be any trouble porting this to any device

Ohh almost forgot one off the most important ones goes in the Cobra-USB_PS3_Updater_v1_0\CBUP43210\USRDIR

Don't think Dean is gonna be very happy.but but.

Just an little test off whats ill be sending tomorrow. will explain also there

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#662 - fjorger - 49w ago
fjorger's Avatar
Hi everyone, Just one quick question:

Where can I find the installation option 4.53 certs? I can't seem to find it, is it integrated on another package?

Finally anyone else having problems with PSP games (example: Locoroco 1 and 2 and all others I tried) and not being able to save any game progress? Each time I press save it goes to another screen and then instantly back to the saving option.

Nonetheless if we press the option to clear some data, we able to see all PS3 (strange no?) saves and we are able to erase them to clear data. But the end result is always the same...

I'm using Rogero 4.46 + Cobra 7.0.

Thanks in advance,


#661 - The7echos - 50w ago
The7echos's Avatar
Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me. Ive looked everywhere and couldn't find a fix for an Error 80010009 after trying to run FIFA 14 and NFS Rivals on my PS3.

I'm on OFW 4.53 with Cobra ODE running Multiman 4.50.01. I've read that Multiman fixes this error automatically but i can't seam to get passed it. It doesn't even try to download game updates it just tries to load the game and quickly exits and gives me this error. Please help

BTW, I've tried running the games on PS3ita manager and CobraManager with no luck. I'm able to run Battlefield 4, Little big planet 2, and other games with ease...

#660 - windrider42 - 51w ago
windrider42's Avatar
Hello robin

And once you click on the Folder Icon, you should see Multiman.. Yes or NO?

#659 - donceyrobin - 51w ago
donceyrobin's Avatar
hi, my multiman icon is moved to folder icon. why?

#658 - PS3 News - 52w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Below is multiMAN ver 04.53.04 BASE CEX (20131224) by deank and Cobra CFW Tools v1.27 by bitsbubba with details as follows:

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (43.83 MB) / [Register or Login to view links] (123.05 MB)

A lot of changes and additions to the last 04.53.03 so I decided it is better to have it with different version.

multiMAN 04.53.04:

  • Names of local PS3 games in ISO format are properly displayed (from PARAM.SFO)
  • Names of network and NTFS PS3 games in ISO format are properly displayed (from PARAM.SFO) after you load them at least once
  • PS3 ISO games from NTFS drives will now show background and cover (if loaded at least once)
  • Added support for checking for game updates for network and NTFS PS3 games in ISO format
  • Last loaded game/video (no network/ntfs) will be passed to webMAN for auto-load at next system start (making lastGAME almost obsolete)
  • While scanning for content, mmCM will prepare data for webMAN, too (NTFS info, images and param.sfo)
  • Upon launch, mM/mmCM will rescan your games and will cache images and other files
  • Small change to make mM "title_id" independent (in case you change it from the default BLES80608)
  • Downloading mM/mmCM updates is now "title"/"name" independent
  • In mmCM mode in HOME column you now have "Scan connected NTFS USB drives" option. In case you didn't connect the drive before launching mmCM you can use this option to refresh content from NTFS drives.

The update is available online as always within mM and in the WEB column.

If you wish to FORCE mM/mmCM to download the update just start mM/mmCM while holding L2+R2 and it will enter debug mode (reporting 04.53.DD for mM and 04.53.CD for mmCM). Then you can update from the HOME column.

Cobra CFW Tools v1.27

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (16.81 MB) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror)

What is "Cobra CFW Tools"?

With this app you can install "webMAN XMB" based on XMBM+ (aldostools' webMAN links) and concept from multiMAN XMB Integrated) with ★Install Package Files, REBUG's ★Package Manager or XMBM+ support, 4.53 certs (for ?safer? PSN), Ingame ScreenShots and custom coldboots by atreyu187 that I helped design. It's been tested on both Rogero (Cobra 7- Unofficial) and HABIB Cobra edition (any version). Choose what suits you
Cobra CFW Tools v1.27:

OK, new update (yes it's been awhile, sorry holiday busy )

Changelog v1.27:

  • As always latest webMAN (webftp_server.sprx) thanks deank
  • Compatiblity 4.46/4.53 Cobra CFWs
  • Added categories/icons to webMAN XMB+ (renamed for new functions) [still more to add ]
  • Remote play patch 4.46/4.53
  • Cinavia patch 4.46 (also smhabib BD patch)
  • Update/Disable webMAN
  • PlaystationHome~IconSwap separate install (with in webMAN XMB+ options)
  • PSP Launcher/Remasters custom Icons
  • Changed app icon & webMAN XMB+ icon (to differ of mM)
  • More to come

Note: please uninstall older version before installing v1.27

Cobra CFW Tools v1.27C

Ok quick update: Added:

  • webMAN's latest sprx (thanks deank)
  • link to quit webMAN (in webMAN XMB+)
  • option to install/uninstall custom icons to normal webMAN
  • newest XMBM+ (Mod) by aldostools

Note: as always uninstall old before new.

Cobra CFW Tools v1.27D

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

Small update:

  • added mmTOOLS links

Cobra CFW Tools v1.27E

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

New update:

  • brought back InGame ScreenShots option to menu
  • new Screenshot Patches to Rogero 1.00 Mixed with Cobra (instead of pre-patched 1.01 I was using)
  • HABIB-Cobra 1.XX (original using habib's pre-patched 1.03A file)

Note: please delete older version before updating to this


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