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Belzar PS3 Modchip BETA Testing Rumored to Be Completed

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277w ago - Update: It's now confirmed as a fake, see HERE for details.

According to their Web site (linked above), Beta testing on the alleged Belzar PS3 Modchip is now complete, they have a fully working PS3 modchip and are ready to manufacture.

Of course, Hacktronics (same company) have also stated the Infectus Team is confirming the Belzar PS3 Modchip, however, the Infectus Admin Arakon [Register or Login to view links] to their claim as follows:

"I'm quite sure it's fake. For years, noone got ANYTHING working on the ps3, and all of a sudden a company noone really knows supposedly has a chip ready that does EVERYTHING? No small steps, noone finding anything at all, just a chip out of nowhere that has every possible function? Highly unlikely."
From the Belzar update, to quote: "Belzar has finished beta testing, we have now sent the info and working chip to our manufacturers, and should be receiving a sample of the final retail product tomorrow, at which time we will take pictures, and place them on our site.

The retail product will come in 2 different versions, the Belzar Modchip, and the Belzar modchip lite, the only difference is that the lite version does not come with the USB interface to upgrade the firmware in the future, although it will come fully functional straight out of the box. Pricing and pictures to be released soon, Belzar.com"

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#27 - DarkTiger2391 - 277w ago
DarkTiger2391's Avatar
haha nice fake the ps3 becomes never a modchip or a cracked firmware

all hackers are not good to beat sony

#26 - mattfish - 277w ago
mattfish's Avatar
I thought it must have been a fake..

#25 - young blade - 277w ago
young blade's Avatar
I believe it was an sony insider playing his sick jokes on us or it was sedo.com just to gain publicity...

#24 - alsanten - 277w ago
alsanten's Avatar
Today the web page belzar.com has just closed and put on sell.

So everything about this chip was false. The ps3 continue been closed

#23 - taladas20 - 277w ago
taladas20's Avatar
Interesting post from georhe hotz on twitter

the ps3 is super complicated, yet apparently secure everywhere i've looked. i'm still looking, but almost ready to resort to hardware


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