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Apple iPhone Unlocker GeoHot Begins Hacking Sony's PS3

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278w ago - Over the weekend [Register or Login to view links], famous for unlocking Apple's iPhone, has posted a few tweets on his [Register or Login to view links] account that he has began looking into hacking Sony's PS3 console.

He has also dropped by our Forums to enquire about the PS3 Hypervisor Decryption Keys, and has been in touch with CJPC via IRC as well.

To date, geohot has reported the following via tweets:

"ooo got access to a couple more pages of ram...still no hypervisor there tho. it's hiding in the top 2 MB.

anyone know if the 360 guys had a pt hypervisor to reverse?

my goal is to break out of the hypervisor... then see what my morals will allow.

gotta flip one little bit to hack the ps3. unfortunately the ps3 doesn't want me to flip it.

so, the hypervisor is in the first 0x1000 pages of RAM...think I could just pull an address line down and dump? not from kernel tho

PS3 memory map [Register or Login to view links] ... why did I think this would be useful again? i really want these dumps @ bootloader

it'd be nice if that worked, linux accesses sandboxed part of nand... 4mb of uselesses.

hacking the PS3, not hacked in three years how long will it take me?"

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#116 - Llacune - 276w ago
Llacune's Avatar
This definitely look promising.. Although I personally think the way to go is HDD decryption, and re-encryption.

#115 - PS3 News - 276w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Nah, it wasn't in the public channel... that was just set up for people who whined about not having an IRC channel any more. As usual, nothing ever happens in it so it may end up being closed again as only a few people idle there.

On IRC geohot just messages CJPC by using /msg CJPC but he doesn't stick around to have a detailed conversation most of the time.

#114 - Madell - 276w ago
Madell's Avatar
OMG I Idled like 5 days in IRC hoping to see something, and today I'm away and geohot came on IRC. I think that CJPC is getting the hang on the tool, shame that geohot can't experiment with it in RL like CJPC. Would be nice. Those 32Bits it's a great start seeing he started last month with hacking.

#113 - PS3 News - 276w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Keep this thread on topic guys... it's for posting geohot's twitter etc updates, not for comparing him or the devs here to others. Thanks!

From IRC today:
Wed Sep 9 16:48:26 :
geohot: hey, hows the ref tool working out for you?
cjpc: good - its still working

#112 - masri01 - 276w ago
masri01's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
Basically he was able to read 32 bytes of memory that he was not supposed to, and it was useless - mind you, 32 bytes is not a lot.

For example, an IP address: - 32 Bytes (not including the .'s!) - not too much data at all.

Thanks for that!


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