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VICE - C64 PLUS4 VIC20 Emulator for PS3 is Released!

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211w ago - Today Nintendo Wii hacker Waninkoko has released TKC Demo v0.1 at Spanish site TeknoConsolas.es (linked above), which is a PS3 demo for PlayStation 3 JailBreak users.

Download: TKC Demo v0.1 for PS3

To quote, roughly translated: Waninkoko has been working on developing PS3mlib, a high level library that provides application programming for PS3, including all types of basic features for video, audio, controls, camera, events, etc. This library will be released under GPL in a few days.

To demonstrate some of the functions supported by this library, he has created the application "TKC Demo 01", a technical demo for PS3 developed with the legal SDK "PSL1GHT."

This demo utilizes simple graphics drawing, playing sound files (using a SPU) and has support for the Playstation Eye (Eyetoy does not work yet.) You can interact with the application through the controller pad:

  • Up / Down: Increase / Decrease vertical speed TKC logo.
  • Left / Right: Increase / Decrease speed TKC horizontal logo.
  • START: Exit the application.

Finally, below is a picture and video courtesy of PSGroove.

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#31 - Dracari - 210w ago
Dracari's Avatar
all but the VIC20 are corrupt (unexpected end of Archive)

#30 - muny21 - 210w ago
muny21's Avatar
thanks for the update. all issues i mentioned were fixed. do you plan on adding zip support and also the overscan does not work on the browsing screen. like the first two letters on the left side are cut off and i can only say "+ T" on the [] (slowload. this happens when i use it on my standard tv.

also the screen when playing games does not fill up the whole screen again only on the standard tv. keep up the good work really appreciate this emulator. love my c64 games.

one other thing, the enter on the keyboard does not register in the winter games. so you can not play that game still. it just stays at the enter your name screen. you can enter the letters but it does not let you hit enter.

sorry about that. if you hit line break on the on-screen keyboard it lets you enter your name and plays great after that. thanks.

#29 - ClausG76 - 210w ago
ClausG76's Avatar
Great update. It's nice that i can start the fight in International Karate now. And it looks and sound perfect.

Does any one know if "Batman the movie" is normaly working with Vice?

#28 - adgloride - 210w ago
adgloride's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by TimRex View Post
adgloride, RUN/STOP is mapped to the controller L3 button

stabes, I haven't heard. But that doesn't mean it isn't happening..?

Thanks for that. I should learn to read the information about the new emulator better.

#27 - stabes - 210w ago
stabes's Avatar
OK, I'll keep my fingers crossed!


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