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Sony Patches PSN Bypass Methods, Blocks PS3 DNS Hacks

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201w ago - As Sony usually does several days after each new PlayStation 3 Firmware update is released, today they have patched the proxy and PSN bypass methods following the release of the revised PS3 Firmware 3.56 rendering the PS3 DNS hacks useless once again.

Needless to say, when the next PS3 Firmware update arrives the PlayStation Network bypass methods will work again for another week or so before they are shut off, and the cycle will repeat for those unfamiliar with this pattern.

It also looks like Sony is remotely freezing PS3's that are already online using the bypass and when I unplugged the hard ps3 and booted it back up it wanted me to rebuild by database ^_^

Happened to both of my PS3's, leave me some feedback if this happed to any of you guys. Rebooted PS3's and had 2 extra applications on my XMB that were corrupt WTF?

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#62 - chomps268 - 201w ago
chomps268's Avatar
you patched your own cfw from 3.55 to 3.56?

#61 - 863dj - 201w ago
863dj's Avatar
Well i patched my own CFW from 3.55 why aren't there any new tools yet to where i can patch 3.56 with kmweaw? if the root key is out why havent Dev's released another cmd prompt tool?

instead of trying to bypass the PSN it seems more logical to focus on just a new patch... just sayin..

#60 - WeedsmokerLOL - 201w ago
WeedsmokerLOL's Avatar
I only meant that the developers on the PS3 scene are more concerned with what they want, rather than what the community wants. It's not like it's a problem, communities can be ungrateful bunch of asses so no wonder, but still I hope someone does make either a firmware spoofer much like PSNLover on PSP or atleast NPDRM cracker.

Despite using backups, I still did buy DLCs and whatnot, however as long as I can't access PSN, I can't do that, so it would be good to have some way to get the DLCs, either legal or illegal way.

#59 - crazelunatic - 201w ago
crazelunatic's Avatar
i tried changing the text with this method, i thought thats what you meant, are you talking about a file on the ps3?

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#58 - slifer1231 - 201w ago
slifer1231's Avatar
from what i have noticed is that they did not update the psn certs. they just added security and changed the version.txt has any one tried to edit there version.txt from their flash and change it to 3.56, because since they didn't update the certs then psn must just check the version.txt i would try two thing first just change 3.550 to 3.560 in the version txt.

if that doesn't work i would replace it with a 3.56 version.txt and try that cause im sure they check the whole version.txt not just the number.


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