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Rumor: Sony to Remotely Disable JailBroken PS3s, PSN Bans?

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206w ago - Today JoyStiq (linked above) speculates that based on both a [Register or Login to view links] by Mr_Brit and a [Register or Login to view links] report Sony may be planning to remotely disable JailBroken PS3 consoles essentially banning them from PSN.

To quote: "Even if you've never signed up for a PSN account, your console will communicate with Sony servers every time it boots up.

That initial load process is used to upload error logs, download updates to the "What's New" module, and a list of recently-run applications, including any unauthorized backup manager software.

Sony has yet to ban any consoles for taking advantage of the jailbreak, but the terms and conditions of the PlayStation Network make it clear that Sony has the authority to carry them out.

Thanks to the system's constant self-reporting feature, "the company even has the means to irrevocably disable your console should it so wish," rendering affected PS3 consoles unusable, online and off. But will Sony ever use such a drastic measure? And if so, how will the hacker scene retaliate?"

From NeoGAF, to quote: "On boot the system contacts the server and uploads the play list etc. this list alone is enough to get anyone that goes online banned as it shows the bootmanger etc. has been running. Here is the list and what they do, I port sniffed this a while ago before I went online with a retail unit >.> because I am not stupid hehe.

[Register or Login to view code]

Almost all connections cannot just be port blocked, the port will continue to increment until it connects, you have to block the entire domains. Also a big point is that ALL computers on your network need to have these blocked not just the PS3's MAC because if you are running a proxy for example to get patches, the computer you proxy to will just allow the connections right out to the open unless all local IPs are blocked from these sites as well.

Surprising absolutely noone it looks like Sony are detecting homebrew applications meaning that everyone who went on PSN with a jailbroken console can expect to be banned eventually. This is definitely not the only way that Sony can detect jailbroken systems so we'll never truly ever know if it's going to be safe to go online. That ban may come tommorow or it may come in 6 months time but it will almost certainly eventually come."

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#57 - tonybologna - 206w ago
tonybologna's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by oVERSoLDiER View Post
A mate told me today that he received six (!) messages from friends who are PSN banned - since today, so they really make serious !

Wouldn't this be all over the internet by now? I mean PSN bans from Sony from a modified console would be news all over the place.

#56 - Thardus - 206w ago
Thardus's Avatar
I have a question. I have loaded homebrew and psn games with the drm taken off and like a dumbass i played online with it.

So will i get banned (Off psn) if i change my firmware and don't go on any homebrew on this ps3? Also can sony know if a psn game has had the drm taken off?

Or don't we know yet?

#55 - dyceast - 206w ago
dyceast's Avatar
yeah hes says messages, but doesnt mean they were via PSN lol...

#54 - atlask2 - 206w ago
atlask2's Avatar
Probably by mail or by phone

#53 - kunit1 - 206w ago
kunit1's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by spark32 View Post
How do they send you messages if they are banned?

I would like to know the answer to this too


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