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PSNinja Stealth PS3 Homebrew Application and History Wiper

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203w ago - Here is PSNinja, a Stealth PS3 Homebrew application and History Wiper for those that didn't update to the new PS3 3.56 Firmware.

I have also released a PSNinja Read Only version which doesn't require wiping history any longer followed by PSNinja v3 and some newer revisions below.

Download: PSNinja Stealth PS3 Homebrew Application and History Wiper / PSNinja v2 Stealth PS3 Homebrew Application and History Wiper / PSNinja Read Only (No More Wiping History) / PSNinja v3 / PSNinja v3 720p / PSNinja v3.5 / [Register or Login to view links]

This make you appear offline using mecomment, and wipes history. It is stealthed as Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire-BLUS30017, if you play this game you suck... Its the second worst game on PS3.


  • Sign off before using, it will not show until you go off then back on if you use it while signed in.
  • In menu press X to appear offline
  • Press Circle to appear online again (it adds a blank mecomment so you can edit your comment normally)
  • Press Triangle to wipe history

I doubt this will save you in any way from Sony but you never know. It's more for fun and to get away from annoying friends.

Should work while playing a game too but i haven't tried it but i will tomorrow. Also it's my first menu, i have a wide screen tv so i'm not sure how it will look at different sizes and resolutions please lmk...

Attached download contains 3.41_waninkoko_3.55 and 3.55geo-kmeaw-wutang.

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#17 - ylpkm - 202w ago
ylpkm's Avatar
i doubt a 3.56 cfw will come out, since it has remote connection and a rootkit... sony will know every console that goes on... its too hard to hack a rootkit to randomly display from a list of things you want... the best thing would be is to make a 3.56 that runs on a parallel site for online games...

#16 - smokin - 202w ago
smokin's Avatar
I came up with this figured it would be useful:

====Read Only====

This application will make the files pertaining to your history ie., boot_history.dat Game.dat and patch.dat, Read only.

This will still be in effect after resetting the system, so essentially no more wiping history ever again.

You MUST disable other apps from erasing history such as multiman, which i use it has a nice ini file you can edit to make it stop doing it here is how for multiman:

Go to its folder via ftp /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/options_default.ini

Open it in notepad or whatever and find: clear_activity_logs=1 make it say clear_activity_logs=0

Save and reload it to ftp and now it wont clear history anymore.

I'm sure gaia and other managers have something similar read their readme's.

====== .dat files ======

You can edit these at /dev_hdd0/game/CMOD00000/USRDIR/files those are the fake files that get pushed.

Make them say whatever games you want, so we all dont have the same history.

====== Usage ======

Press Triangle to Wipe and Replace History(Do First)

Press Circle to make files Read Only

Press X to make files writable again

Press Start to exit

If you do use the history options on your manager you will have to do this each time after you run the manager.

All versions attached

#15 - B4rtj4h - 203w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
The best solution is that the program has 10 different games and it masks randomly a title. This way its safe.

#14 - IHM - 203w ago
IHM's Avatar
I dont get it, we can't login with new fw anyway ?

#13 - smokin - 203w ago
smokin's Avatar
Here is version 2 of PSNinja, i added clear web history and push fake history.

Credit to Chossy the dev of EraseME for the idea of pushing fake history.

Clear web history remove the history.xml.


Sign off before using, it will not show until you go off then back on if you use it while signed in.

Press Triangle to wipe history

Press Square to push fake history

Press Select to clear web history

Press X to appear offline

Press Circle to appear online again

Attached contains all versions.


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