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PS3SX - PSX Emulator PCSX Port for PS3 is Now Available!

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218w ago - Today Hermes has relased a port of the classic PC games Heretic & Hexen for PS3 JailBreak homebrew users. The included .pkg file is the front end of both the games, but due to copyrights the game files are not included.

Download: PS3 Heretic and Hexen Homebrew Ports

The quote from Hermes post on Spanish Web site Elotrolado (linked above), roughly transleted by me with help from babelfish:


In order to celebrate that PSL1GHT already beginning to have a good foundation and with the addition of the PS3 Soundlib that allows it to reproduce up to 16 voices of sound, I have ported two classic games from the PC to PS3 that make use of multiple effects: The games Heretic and Hexen.

In order for them, to work they require wads HERETIC.WAD and HEXEN.WAD respectively (shareware or full retail will work, in capital letters and with that name) that must be copied in the directory of the EBOOT.BIN, within the folder " heretic" and " hexen" respectively, on a USB device. When starting the game, if it has been installed in hard disk (by means of PKG) the option to press CIRCLE to copy the content of the folders " heretic" or " hexen" from device USB to the installation folder of the game.

Also, I have added vibration to the controller: when you receive damage, vibration activates strong, but when it is an enemy who receives the damage you will notice, it in the form of smaller vibration. Perhaps this last one is not very realistic since it is well if we are what we are inflicting the damage short-distance, but long-distance not as much and that to say that the controler vibrates when is currando the tiny beasts among them. Nevertheless I have left, it in so that sometimes it serves to let you know that you have a few fierce ones around and so that it turns out useful to know that truly, your ammunition is doing damage. (everything is not pure and hard realism)

I have verified over HDMI which I test (that excludes 1080P) to deal with to look for the visible area of screen and use a routine that re scales a screen " virtual" to the final format. The problem is that the drawn area of the screen in PS3, is placed outside the visible area of your monitor/screen and that requires adjustments that I have done on the basis of my screen and not if in some other, can give problems or not, or if with some other resolution it requires new adjustments (a thing is that a slight edge is seen the right for example and another one is that directly, things are not seen that would have to appear). One distinguishes between 4:3 and 16:9

The install instructions translated from the included readme.txt


There are two ways for install:

1) By PKG. On this occasion, copy the folder content "pkg" on the root's directory of the USB device and "Install Package Files" on the PS3

2) By SELF. On this occasion, copy "homebrew" on the root's directory of the USB device and load the applications with the "Open Manager" or another homebrew loader.

Heretic requires the file HERETIC.WAD that can be copied to the same folder as the EBOOT.BIN (/dev_hdd0/game/HERETIC01/USRDIR or /dev_usbX/homebrew/Heretic) or on a USB device after making the folder called "heretic" and copying HERETIC.WAD (/dev_usb/heretic/HERETIC.WAD)

The filename MUST be ONLY uppercase letters.

For quick copying of the files, there is an utility when starting the game: on the license's screen you can press Circle button if you want to copy the content from dev_usb/heretic to the location of the game in the hard disk (/dev_hdd0/game/HERETIC01/USRDIR)

You can use a FTP program for copy HERETIC.WAD too.

For the HEXEN files its similar to the previous method, but this time, its required HEXEN.WAD that must be copied to /dev_usb/hexen (for all the installations) or /dev_usb/homebrew/Hexen (Open Manager) or to /dev_hdd0/game/HEXEN0001/USRDIR (HDD).

And you can copy on the license's screen the content of /dev_usb/hexen to /dev_hdd0/game/HEXEN0001/USRDIR pressing CIRCLE button


At any time you can press START button for open the help screen (the game is paused at this time). The help screen show the game controls and pause the game.

With SELECT button you can enter on the Main menu. The another buttons are these:


Left Stick: Moving back and forward on side-scrolling
Right Stick: Look up /down flip left/right
L2 button: Run
R2 button: Shoot
X button: Change weapon
CIRCLE button: Open/Close doors
SQUARE button: Use item selected
TRIANGLE button: ON / OFF map
L1/ R1 button: Choose Item
Left/Right (PAD) -> Decrease / Increase Map
Up / Down (PAD): Fly (it require an item)
Hold L2 and press CIRCLE: Stop flying
SELECT button: Game Main Menu
START button: Help Screen


Left Stick: Moving back and forward on side-scrolling
Right Stick: Look up /down flip left/right
L2 button: Run
R2 button: Shoot
X button: Jump
CIRCLE button: Open/Close doors
SQUARE button: Use item selected
TRIANGLE button: ON / OFF map
L1/ R1 button: Choose Item
Left/Up/Right/Down (PAD): Change between weapons (1, 2, 3, 4)
Hold L2 + Left/Right (PAD) -> Decrease / Increase Map
Hold L2 + Up/down (PAD): Fly (it require an item)
Hold L2 and press CIRCLE: Stop flying
SELECT button: Game Main Menu
START button: Help Screen


The two games allow you to also do the following cheats:

Press START button and on the help screen, press L1 five times until the screen changes color

Hold R1 and press Up (PAD): All Weapons
Hold R1 and press Right (PAD): God mode on/off
Hold R1 and press Down (PAD): Full Health
Hold R1 and press Left (PAD): All keys
Hold R1 and press Triangle: Brings you all items

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!

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#103 - zzk2001 - 217w ago
zzk2001's Avatar
WOW after all the fixes that have been said this easy 3 lefts WORKED!!! Nice one man +rep for you.

BTW: MegaMan X4 crashed at "Now Loading" Screen.

Edit: I may want to add that i placed both the SCPH101.BIN and SCPH1001.BIN bios in the bios folder as well So that may have added to me getting it to work.

Note: make sure they are named SCPH101.BIN and SCPH1001.BIN

#102 - clouduzz - 217w ago
clouduzz's Avatar
well i was hoping to try this but all i get is black screen hopefully a stable release comes out soon. doesn't even load for me..

#101 - Enigma Hall - 217w ago
Enigma Hall's Avatar
well, another tip. For those have started the emulator but not worked anymore. Try press left 3 times one after you start emulator, another when black screen flashs charging and one some time after (4 sec).

Then wait a moment to see if works.

I played my bust a move 2 (lova bust a move), the ritm gone weird sometimes(all times) but is playable.
And Chocobo Racing, that poor game run 100% good -_- ouch.
Metal gear works faster but a little playable with crashs on movies. bypass with x buttton.

Was funny try this test release. Waiting for the full one, hehehe.

Enigma Hall

#100 - xPersona - 217w ago
xPersona's Avatar
Does digimon world 3 work 100%? i can run the game but it can't save

my other games were able to save.

#99 - federico1978 - 217w ago
federico1978's Avatar
not working, black screen on ps3break Hermes v4b Xeoe Cyberskunk Evilsperm Eco. why?

#98 - ness151 - 217w ago
ness151's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Karuto View Post
So... did you find out whether you were able to save the game and quit out without the save being erased or not?

The save is still there. I should elaborate on what I previously stated.

I took the bios file SCPH-101.bin and first renamed it as SCPH-1001.bin and it loaded fine. Then I went and renamed the bios file back to SCPH-101.bin and it still booted up correctly. I haven't been able to test any other games, as the ones I found were bad rips, and I need to rip my own. I will be testing more today.

#97 - zzk2001 - 217w ago
zzk2001's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by DeViL303 View Post
If you want to try the hex that i'm using just incase. Dont see how same files would work for one person and not for another. We must be missing something, maybe it has to do with previously installed apps or something like that.

Yeah i have done tried that hex file like i said i tried ALL .hex files ever made for the PIC18F The only thing i can think of is maybe it has something to do with hardware or other things that has been installed etc etc idk, I just know no matter what i try this emu will not work LOL, But it is a beta so no biggy i just hope he updates it.

#96 - Karuto - 217w ago
Karuto's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ness151 View Post
I switched the BIOS file for the SCPH-101.bin from the revised "PS1". Ran DDR 5th Mix, and was able to LOAD a save, not sure if I was able to save anything.

So... did you find out whether you were able to save the game and quit out without the save being erased or not?

#95 - hawk188 - 217w ago
hawk188's Avatar
Hi guys - I'm touched. You guys are so helpful Thanks. Anyway - I tried the PAL bios and same result.The pal bios is SCPH7502.bin. does it make a difference to SCPH1001? Just flickers and then back to XMB. I have the following:

Minimus AT90USB162 with psgroove minimus at90usb162 16mhz firmware 3 41.hex. I get an error if I try and flash with the Hermes PL suggested. Thanks anyway.

My Crash Bandicoot backup is done with ImgBurn in iso format and I have now also treid Tekken 2 and Crash Team Racing in bin and cue format but all the same results. Must be just me...

That's cool, I am sure it will work and maybe what I need now is dropped everything and go to sleep (like I did when trying BlackOps).

A fresher mind the next day will do wonders... I will give it another try and then to bed. THANKS again for the awesome suggestions and help people !!! Cheers mateys.

#94 - DeViL303 - 217w ago
DeViL303's Avatar
Hawk188: Seeing as your getting the Emu to boot and you are only having problem with actual game I would try some other games, not all rips are 100% right and even if another emu would boot this exact game it doesn't mean this emu will boot it.


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