PS3Break Team Announces PS3 3.50 Firmware Downgrader

176w ago - Earlier today the PS3Break PS3 Downgrader was announced, and now the x3Max Team has made available a video of their PS JailBreak clone PS3 modchip dongle in action running PlayStation 3 homebrew on Firmware 3.50 without downgrading!

To quote from (linked above): I was talking to one of the support staff from x3max and they notified me about their new downgrader which they are going to release later today. They have provided me with a video which shows the x3downgrade. I will update the blog when they send me files.

Seems like they got an device which can run homebrew on 3.50 but i think they are releasing an downgrader as well as the support guy told me.

Finally, from the video's caption: The 3.50 firmware is now Jailbreaked, no more need to downgrade !

The dongle can launch homebrews on PS3 with 3.50 firmware, without downgrade !

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PS3 News's Avatar
#6 - PS3 News - 176w ago
I can't imagine the wait will be too long... mainly as the PS3 scene has just as talented folks as the cloners do. Still, for those without the required hardware on hand these PS3 downgrader clone devices will get cheaper as more of them surface due to competition.

Mantagtj's Avatar
#5 - Mantagtj - 176w ago
The more branded dongles that get it, the more chance of the "secret" being out, BRING IT ON!!! So I can upgrade and downgrade at my wish...

Mbb's Avatar
#4 - Mbb - 176w ago
great news !!! now we need the free solution
Second this, the only thing that we need now is the free solution

bdflorin's Avatar
#3 - bdflorin - 176w ago
great news !!! now we need the free solution

PS3 News's Avatar
#2 - PS3 News - 176w ago
Thanks for sharing the news trasek, I am moving to the PS3 Hacks section and main page now and +Rep.

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