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PS3 SELF / SPRX Decrypter Homebrew Application Arrives

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212w ago - A few days back graf_chokolo released a PS3 SELF Decrypter PSGroove payload, and today Heden of DeLiGhT has released at PSGroove (linked above) a PlayStation 3 SELF / SPRX Decrypter application followed by an update below.

Download: PS3 SELF / SPRX Decrypter V0.5 Beta / PS3 SELF / SPRX Decrypter V0.6 Beta

To quote: Unlike graf_chokolo's method, DeLiGhT's application does not require a special payload to decrypt.

Simply place the SELF/SPRX you want decrypted into /dev_hdd0/game/DCRY00001/USRDIR/SOURCE/ Then run the SELF/SPRX DECRYPTER from the XMB, and finally retrieve the decrypted files from /dev_hdd0/game/DCRY00001/USRDIR/DESTINATION/

From the ReadMe File: SELF/SPRX DECRYPTER - V0.5 BETA

12/04/10 - V0.5B - Initial BETA Release
- Decrypting internal PS3's SELF/SPRX files
[BETA - The decrypter hangs on some files]

GameOS utilizes files to make the console work (I won't give details) These files (SELF = EXE, SPRX = DLL) are stored in /dev_flash. This tool enables to decrypt these SELF/SPRX files. Such a decrypter will only help people who know what they do The application is stable enough even if it hangs on some files.

Howto :

First, install the .PKG provided in the archive.

- Put the file you want to decrypt into :

- Launch the decrypter
- Get the decrypted files from :

The current version decrypts only one file per launch.

Make sure to have only one SELF/SPRX file in /SOURCE/ directory

This decrypter does not use the grafchokolo's payload nor HV syscalls.

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#11 - atlask2 - 212w ago
atlask2's Avatar
divx = codec
mkv = container

#10 - denunes - 212w ago
denunes's Avatar
does the libdivxdec.sprx open up ok?

it would be nice to mess around in the divx codec and change that from divx311 to divx7.

mkv support...

#9 - jwc2003 - 212w ago
jwc2003's Avatar
every self or sprx i try crashes the ps3.

#8 - sorg - 212w ago
sorg's Avatar
i didn't dig into binary, but i suspect this app does following:

1) loads self/sprx by usual way, as it would be load for execute.
2) dump memory occupied by loaded self/sprx into the file.

since, in (1) it has to execute self/sprx it may produce may side effects and it depends if selected file can be executed in current environment or not...

It's like file dumper on windows which loads protected executable and then tries to dump it into file producing in most cases non-working executable, so manual work is required to make it work.

#7 - hunterrr - 212w ago
hunterrr's Avatar
Same here. I think all this app does is executable the sprx/self and then grabs the data off the memory. I haven't gotten a single a file decrypted..

IMO it's easier to just use Graf's payload...


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