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Graf Chokolo Releases PS3 Linux Kernel, OtherOS++ Project

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202w ago - Following up on his previous update, over the weekend PlayStation 3 hacker Graf Chokolo has released his PS3 Linux 2.6 Kernel and began documenting his PS3 CFW Custom Firmware with OtherOS++ Project.

His new PlayStation 3 Linux Kernel includes a new HDD, FLASH, VFLASH and RAM drivers for PS3 and AsbestOS users can use the drivers as well.

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

To quote: The repository which is based on Linux 2.6 kernel, has several wicked stuff in it especially graf_chokolo’s ram block device. As kmeaw said; “It can read/write anything in PS3 RAM, and very useful for HV hacking”

You can read below the commits done to his version of Linux kernel.

  • Added support of several storage regions to PS3 storage library
  • Improved PS3 disk block device driver
  • New drivers for PS3 NOR and 3 RAM misc driver for full access to HV memory
  • Added new HV calls
  • Added extra debug messages for SPU isolation

Finally, from [Register or Login to view links] PS3 CFW Custom Firmware with OtherOS++

  • First we need a custom Hypervisor (lv1.self) with OtherOS++ support and other nice features like full access to HV services :-) (working on it)
  • Second, we need a program like otheros.self which will resize VFLASH region and store there petitboot
  • Third, we need a GameOS program/XMB plugin which will trigger OtherOS++ boot after GameOS reboot by setting a flag on the 5th VFLASH region

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#12 - sdlc - 202w ago
sdlc's Avatar
Custom Hypervisor (lv1.self, CHV) - nice idea! (I am think about it half year ago).

If we will have CHV with Virtual Machine (VM), we will have Separate boot (CHV-terminal(root)(LV1), Linux(LV2), XMB(LV2), custom XMB(LV2)).

If convert (or clone root LV2 fs directly) lv2.self to native VM format (XEN\Qemu\VBox), we got ability to start CHV and emulate 2 XMB (Offecial\Custom).

In Offecial - transparent eth0 interfaces walkthrough CHV to PSN servers. In Custom - block ports to PSN servers and open only for Homebrew apps (Like CustomPSNs and etc.)

Sorry for my pure English.

#11 - pjmiller435 - 202w ago
pjmiller435's Avatar
Thanks a lot for sharing this information with everybody. Mighty proper of you sir. I'm sure a lot of people will be looking into these.

#10 - daveshooter - 202w ago
daveshooter's Avatar
If anyone is new to the PS3 like myself, and looking for some information on PS3-Linux-kernels or are trying to develop Homebrew, or like myself interested in how it all works from a noobs point of view, then I hope some of these links may help some of you. some are old but still current with stable Linux PS3 Kernels, up to November last, if I remember, take a look here:


or if you wish ftp instead to Geoffrey levand cell

Here is Geoffrey Git's

More Ps3 stuff here: pdaxrom.svn.sourceforge.net

Also another guy to follow for the PS3 is Dan Peori "ooPo" https://github.com/ooPo/following

#9 - barrybarryk - 202w ago
barrybarryk's Avatar
no, if you want to use the ps3vram as swap space you can, its quicker than a hdd but there's only 256MB of it, which isn't really enough for swap, better off making a 1GB loopback on the hdd and using that. I'll just be glad when I can install a decent bootloader again for ydl6.2 and zerogame

#8 - joffe - 202w ago
joffe's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by edwardecl View Post
Nice, but asbestos can already boot Linux from the internal HDD using the linux.img on the root of the filesystem...

Yes, but even asbestos V15 is a somewhat crappy solution and more the like a POC. The kernel is packed besides stage1/2 loaders to asbetos.bin in USRDIR - which seems to be copied to /dev_flash as lv2_kernel.self - so if you want to build your own kernel for your favorite distro (I use gentoo) you have to install all modules to linux.img but also need to build a new asbestos.pkg containing the new kernel, install that etc. Several linux.img's around suffer from the problem of incompatible kernel/module version. IMO graf_chokolo's way is the best to go, simply put improved petitboot to vflash that boots off your kernel that has to be in your linux.img, reading parameters from your kboot.conf

Quote Originally Posted by edwardecl View Post
I'd rather mount the ps3 filesystem in Linux and boot from that rather than partitioning, if only someone could make a way of decrypting the ps3 filesystem...

graf_chokolo stated already that he is able to mount the ps3 ufs so partitioning won't be necessary, an image file or bundle would work.

Quote Originally Posted by edwardecl View Post
as for the kernel , full access to the GFX ram? does that mean we can actually use the video ram as ram instead of swap space now? if so does someone have a compiled kernel?

can't imagine that gfx ram as additional memory is an option, read-speed is far too slow, even slower than reading data from harddisk.


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