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Easy MFWBuilder v0.1 to Build Modified PS3 Firmware is Released

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196w ago - I am releasing this PlayStation 3 homebrew application for a good friend who wishes to remain anonymous, called Easy MFWBuilder v0.1 it simply allows users to build Modified PS3 Firmware.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

Easy MFWBuilder Version 0.1

An absolutely foolproof application:

  • Run it
  • Install to its default directory
  • Run the shortcut on the desktop
  • Done!

Need a OFW to edit? Get one Here.

Notes: Firmware 3.15, 3.41 and 3.55 only, and if you have any issues change -C:\Users\Adam- to your user name and don't use the shortcut.

Just because there are plenty of mirrors does not make it enough! Mirror it!

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#24 - ih8Jelsoft - 196w ago
ih8Jelsoft's Avatar
Privatus I was going to counter all of those, but GrandpaHomer beat me to it LOL.

Seriously, you agree to the TOC regardless of what f/w you're on. It's not as if a PS3 at a lower f/w is somehow under a separate set of rules on PSN. Actually, I'm fairly sure that a PS3 that's connected to the internet on any f/w will upload data about what the console had been running to $ony regardless of whether or not you connect to PSN. That's what the EULA was modified for. Data mining and possible bannings.

#23 - GrandpaHomer - 196w ago
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
You should get your facts right / knowledge about the subject:

1. Neither with 3.55 - only FAKE / Counterfeit DS3 mainly were blocked from being used, all other 3rd equipment works just fine (even majority of the "non-certified" ones).

2. As well as with 3.55. If somebody is refusing to release / compile the software for latest firmware it's his / her problem - thre is plenty of alternatives.

3. + 4. Why would I connect to PSN or even internet with CFW?? Or do you thing Sony is using a secret satelites or gremlins to spy on us?

#22 - privatus - 196w ago
privatus's Avatar
Here's a reason not to goto 3.55:

1. With 3.41 you don't lose Third party support on hardware/equipment
2. Homebrew works flawlessly on 3.41
3. I like my privacy. Why? read below.
4. SCEA requires when installing 3.55 firmware that you agree to there toc agreement. They installed a feature that gave SCEA/Sony the ability/right to retrieve information about your hardware and software for authentication.

Don't forget what your "agreeing" to when you update to 3.55 for CFW! incase you forgot...


SCE may retrieve information about your hardware and software for authentication, copy protection, account blocking, system monitoring/diagnostics, rules enforcement, game management, marketing purposes, tracking user behavior and other purposes. The information collected is not your personally identifying information. SCE may use DNAS (Dynamic Network Authentication System), a proprietary system designed to authenticate game titles and the PS3TM system when you connect the PS3TM system to a network, to collect this information. Any unauthorized transfer, exhibition, export, import or transmission of programs and devices circumventing DNAS may be prohibited by law. SCE reserves the right to use any other authentication or security system, or method in connection with the PS3TM system. You can find more information on how SCE or its affiliated companies may use the collected information by referring to the privacy policy on the SCE company's website for your territory. The applicable privacy policy applies to your use of the PS3TM system.

ih8Jelsoft maybe if you took the time to read the TOC that you agreed too when installing 3.55, then maybe you would understand why the wise people stayed on 3.41

#21 - whompus60 - 196w ago
whompus60's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dyceast View Post
Is this just for gamesaves or USB sticks in General? E.g. copying music to PS3 as well etc?

If I remember right it was just in the game save area. That makes me think it is likely a typo in the rco or xml it reworks for game_tool area.

#20 - ih8Jelsoft - 196w ago
ih8Jelsoft's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Bishoff View Post
There's no reason to go to 3.55 at this point unless a new workaround for online comes back which will probably be out soon. I stayed on 3.41 but went to hermes and glad I did. No more dongle

Um, yes. I like not having 3D-capability. I like having to constantly replace eboots for all my games. I like to d/l a new utility, and hoping that there's a 3.41 version of it.

Yes. No reason.


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