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E-UAE v0.8.25 R3 - Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 Arrives

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202w ago - Today an Amiga Emulator Port by Ole for PS3 dubbed E-UAE v0.8.25 R3 has arrived, which is compiled by the PSL1GHT SDK and libraries and includes source code and followed by some revisions below courtesy of MickJT.

Download: E-UAE v0.8.25 R3 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 / E-UAE v0.8.25 R3 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 (Source Code) / E-UAE v0.8.29 R1 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 / E-UAE v0.8.29 R3 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 / E-UAE v0.8.29 R3 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 (Source Code) / E-UAE v0.8.29 WIP4 R6 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 / E-UAE v0.8.29 WIP4 R6 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 (Source Code)

From the included ReadMe file:

E-UAE 0.8.25 for PS3 release 3

- compiled by using psl1ght sdk
- The full uae documentation is stored in the 'docs' subdirectory, here
you are reading the ps3 port info.


- 68000, 68010, 68020 processor cores
- OCS, ECS and AGA chipset
- amiga hi-res (720x576) graphics resolution in 32bit depth
- joystick1, joystick2 (2nd joypad required) and mouse emulation
- simple options dialog (supports switching of the disk files and more)
- sound in 48000 kHz
- keyboard emulation
- support for loading zip and dms floppy images
- reads either /dev_usb000/uae/uae.cfg or /dev_hdd0/game/EUAE00825/USRDIR/UAE.CFG configuration during startup!


- ps3 ready to boot homebrew programs
- uae.cfg either in /dev_usb000/uae/ or /dev_hdd0/game/EUAE00825/USRDIR/ directory (sample UAE.CFG included)
- kickstart rom - see docs/readme


- press R2 to activate virtual keyboard (vkb), release R2 to hide it. If vkb is shown press left/right digital pad to select the current key. Press the 'up' digital pad button to actually simualte key press of the current key. L1, L2, R1 ann CIRCLE buttons are user defined keys. If vkb is shown press L1 to define L1 button, press L2 to define L2 button and press R1 to define R1 button.
- joypad 1 (emulates joystick 1 and mouse 1)
- joypad 2 (emulates joystick 2) - if you want to enable 2-joystick mode, plug-in the second joy pad, restart uae and switch the port mode to "joy-1 & joy-2" in the options dialog.
- left analog pad emulates the mouse movement. You can speed-up the mouse movement in the options dialog.
- CROSS - joystick button 1
- SQUARE - mouse button 1
- TRIANGLE - mouse button 2
- press Start to enter application menu, here you can load ADF files.
- press CIRCLE to exit the application menu

Additional info:

- The program reads uae.cfg during startup. In this configuration file
you should specify all required parameters (memory size, kick rom, initial
floppy disk files, cpu core, chipset etc.).
- Files (kickrom, adf files) are accesible from either usb disk or internal disk.

Credits and thanks:

- UAE team and porters.
- psl1ght sdk team
- PS3 homebrew scene

Release log:


- options dialog has more space for filenames


- added support for uae.cfg stored on hdd


- initial release


Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#18 - PS3 News - 200w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Another E-UAE PS3 update from MickJT: [Register or Login to view links]

Dreedo, on my port, the Enter option doesn't seem to do a thing. Anyway, I think I know why the LEDs aren't working... I think they actually are working, but overscan is getting in the way. I did some more comparisons and it looks like overscan has been compensated for in Ole's 0.8.25 build.

Made a new build. About to test it.

Edit: Confirmed.

Thanks to Ole for the port of 0.8.25.

(18th Feb) New build. Clean up of source. Source released.

Not patched to work on NTSC systems.. can be done later.

Below is E-UAE v0.8.29 R3 PS3 update with source code from MickJT also:
This one has the ability to use the left analog stick as the joystick.

I note there's not been much discussion of what the differences are between this branch and Ole's 0.8.25.

This one has multiple savestates, analog stick as joystick, twin mouse support and better compatibility with 0.8.29-20070726 as the base instead of 0.8.25-20040302.. and it works on American consoles.

The path on the HDD is EUAE00829 for this.

#17 - Ni72ous - 202w ago
Ni72ous's Avatar
Put your games (adf files) on a usb key plug it into usb port two, load the emulator and press start then highlight floppy one and press x then just browse for your game and press start to exit the options menu, the game should load.

#16 - Studs - 202w ago
Studs's Avatar
Hey all.

I downloaded the Amiga emulator and installed just fine, but now i'm stuck. I have the boot keys etc etc just dont know how to go about loading up the roms i have. Any help would be great.


#15 - WheedWhack3R - 202w ago
WheedWhack3R's Avatar
I too have an old C-64 collecting dust along side 500+ games and programs in Floppy format and 2 cartridge games with a printer 12 other floppy disc drives, two super action controllers, 2 mice, 6 fast load cartridges, and loads of cables and books. so I know how you feel.

I should probably use this emulator instead, seeing as how the old RF adapter it uses to connect a TV to commodore would look atrocious on a HDTV. Can't wait to play some classic games!

I love the idea of bringing retro PC games to PS3 and can only say is LOAD "*",8,1 and, "Stay a while, Stay Forever, Ha ha ha " -Impossible Mission ..only on Commodore, and PS3 Homebrew emulators!!

#14 - daveshooter - 202w ago
daveshooter's Avatar
Wow and there's me thinking it's only me, that loved my Amiga's.

Now I have to go looking for the Dance/trance Demo's that came out back then, them things had me mesmerized.


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