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YuGiOh Millennium Duels PSN PS3 DUPLEX Arrives for Custom Firmware

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14w ago - Following up on the previous releases, today PlayStation 3 scene release group DUPLEX returns with YuGiOh Millennium Duels PSN PS3 DUPLEX for Custom Firmware (CFW) users with details below.

From the PS3 NFO File: YuGiOh.Millennium.Duels.PSN.PS3-DUPLEX / YuGiOh Millennium Duels PSN PS3 DUPLEX

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

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cfwprophet's Avatar
#100 - cfwprophet - 146w ago
We would need a plugin for that, so it runs in background and will be loaded and executed after boot of CFW.

Sshadow2305's Avatar
#99 - Sshadow2305 - 146w ago
Yes we have reactivate every reboot, but its better to have some psn games on hdd with i can't play. The idea was for the people who don't have the rif liles from the legaly bought games. Sorry for my bad english.

You can get reactivate your games with the reactpsn.pkg.

spunkybunny's Avatar
#98 - spunkybunny - 146w ago
With the reactpsn i activate my ps3 permanently.
I just tried reactpsn and you have to do it after every reboot. Its not permanent.

I wish it was coz I want to use a dynamic theme and it turns off after every reboot until I reactivate.

leon315's Avatar
#97 - leon315 - 146w ago
With the reactpsn i activate my ps3 permamently. This generate a act.dat thats works i have find a way for these people that buy psn games but have not the rif files.

I have 2 ps3 one is on OFW 3.72 and a CFW 3.55 with 3.72 spoof. I backed up my OFW HDD to the CFW HDD trough the option in the Systemsettings.The result is i have all my psn games with the rif files in my CFW HDD.

This method is new i think i'm the first that have found it

Can I ask you a favor: Can you PM me your act.data??

I just want to get back my legally purchased games and try to keep my CFW at same time and I always keep offline my PS3, so sony could never know there are 2/3 console with same act.data.

Ezio's Avatar
#96 - Ezio - 146w ago
Duplex team has the npdrm keys (till 3.56 I imagine) and the tool with npdrm algo to decrypt psn games. What I don't understand is how they were able to decrypt BloodRayne, since it requires the 3.60 npdrm keys.
I spoke with euss, this game doesn't require 3.60 npdrm keys, only 3.55, so duplex team has the npdrm keys till 3.55.

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