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Video: PS3 CFW Venix Plus 3.55.4 Update Arrives with Demo

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179w ago - Following up on the previous release, Victor (The Specialist) from Brazilian Team VeniX has announced news today of another PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware update to PS3 CFW Venix Plus 3.55.4 with changes detailed below alongside a demo video of it in action.

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

Below is a rough translation: New CFW Venix Plus 3.55.4

Today I bring you the CFW (Custom Firmware) more complete now, for the most complete? we have implemented a system & Poke peek at lv1 and lv2 your files to increase compatibility with homebrew and games.

Interactive menu entirely in Portuguese. and also bring you a category of "TV" and Media Center-compatible movies in all formats up to 1080p mkv, also supports subtitles in .srt.

Features of CFW Venix Plus:

  • Added Peek & Poke at lv1 and lv2.
  • New profile icon.
  • New option quick registration.
  • Options QA in Portuguese.
  • Application Manager (where you install your applications and delete).
  • Added Multimedia Center.
  • Nice theme with new icons
  • You can lock and unlock trophies.
  • Option to clone your hard drive.
  • Category "TV" system with Showtime.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#10 - DaedalusMinion - 185w ago
DaedalusMinion's Avatar
Can anybody confirm this CFW?

#9 - Rand023 - 185w ago
Rand023's Avatar
it would be nice if this cfw brought us Qa flagging as seen in the last video but still none the less still for 3.55.

#8 - HAVOK7 - 185w ago
HAVOK7's Avatar
Ok i just saw this video it looks pretty legit i don't know what to say you can check it out for yourselfs this is a period of speculations and stuff like that the only thing is i did not saw them testing any of the new games like portal 2 so it made me wonder, again check it out and judge for yourself.

It is from some group from brazil or portugal i don't know LOL CFW VENIX PLUS Spoofing: cursos-games.com.br/blog/?p=371

CFW VENIX S-PLUS spoofing 3.65

CFW VENIX S-PLUS with 3.65 spoofing. This is a custom firmware for v3.55.


  • New patch version Lv2 (Updated)
  • New patch version LV1 hypervisor
  • Identifying startup version of CFW.
  • New presentation of the XMB.
  • New XMB Icons.
  • Protecting your patch for PS3.
  • Installing plugin signed.
  • Spoofing to current version 3.65

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

VENIX CFW 3.55/3.65 Hybrid S-PLUS. CFW THIS AND PLAYSTATION 3 version 3.55

Recalling that and not even possible to play this CFW on PSN and update only to avoid, prevent the game piece to upgrade.

Corrections 24/05/2011:

  • Fixed error of trophies in the installation of some games.
  • Fixed DNS error for UPDATE and download using FTP.
  • New dynamic theme heavy rain.
  • New music startup.


New Patch HV: Patch created by the team Cyberskunk and graf_chokolo.

  • Allows access to all services SS.
  • UPDATE Enables QA Manager.
  • Can draw all types of package.
  • Allows the exclusion of all keys EncDec.
  • Allow the creation / modification and deletion of replenishing any LPAR.
  • Allow access to the entire region of all storage devices.
  • Allows access to all services for GameOS System Manager.
  • Supports OtherOS + +.

This CFW version 3.55 and up to the moment there is no unlock for 3.56, 3.60 and 3.65 or Patch of privacy. Spoofing to 3.65, Compatible with all PS3 models. Patch to allow execution of unsigned applications. Compatible with all Manager.

#7 - corig1 - 197w ago
corig1's Avatar
Lol the name Venix is an old Unix variant as well.

Venix was a version of the Unix operating system developed by VenturCom.

#6 - deank - 197w ago
deank's Avatar
Just be advised that what you have as Venix Manager Pro 3.0 is just the BASE package of multiMAN 01.16.08 with a changed theme... that's it

Nice try, though.


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