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Video: PS3 4.31 OFW to 4.30 Rogero v2.03 CFW with Flasher Guide

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104w ago - Nearly two months after the previous update, today I have posted a guide and video on how to downgrade a PS3 4.31 OFW console (including CECH-300x slims) to 4.30 Rogero v2.03 CFW using a PS3 Hardware Flasher with no 3.55 needed.

Very easy tutorial. Follow the steps to downgrade a PS3, but when you get to the first step of the USB downgrading part after putting your PS3 into service mode, use Rogero 4.30 CFW v2.03 on the root of the USB with the lv2diag.self to downgrade instead of the 3.55.

So again, no 3.55 ever touches the PS3 during this whole setup! Doing this will also now allow CECH-300x models original slims to be downgraded to 4.30 CFW as long as it never touches 3.55

The whole reason for this was to find out if the E3 fits a CECH-400xx model super slim models, but all I needed was proof that you can downgrade from 4.31 to 4.30 CFW with a flasher.

So if any one out there has an E3 and a new super slim model please test this if it works! You can make back ups of the NOR incase it fails.

Here is proof you can but I still do not know if the CECH-400xx models are compatible since I do not have one.

Files needed for safety and to proceed:

PS3 USB links after NOR editing:

E3 back-up checks links:


  • Step 1 - switch pup's with Rogero's 4.30 CFW v2.03 - my link has it set ready
  • Step 2 - lv2diag out of factory mode
  • PS3 nor dump patcher to fix bad back-ups
  • downgrade.bin - makes it rewrite the nor to allow factory mode access
  • update.bin - its the Samsung version of the flasher firmware, allows multi-console downgrades.. more than one console in other words
  • PS3 Flowrebuilder - decrypts the backups to look and make sure its good

Here is proof of me downgrading to 4.30 CFW no 3.55! My video is not cut but speeds up through the middle since it takes almost 2 hours to prove this. You see every time I drop the camera, fix the E3 and finish the downgrade straight to 4.30 CFW Rogero v2.03 which you will know it's spoofed to 4.31, you can see the install PKG / lastGAME icon after downgrading.

Hint: The E3 always has the ribbon starting under the NOR words (pictured below).

Always test your back ups and even use Flowrebuilder 4.2.2 to reverse decrypt to make sure your back up was good.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#32 - Shugobox - 112w ago
Shugobox's Avatar
However, it does open the gates for people to offer such a service on a wide variety of models that would otherwise have no alternative. I suppose not may have tested this yet and it will take a while to sink in, but even if this excludes the 4k models (I would assume so as well), there's many 3k consoles out there.

The process can obviously be streamlined (the whole check what dump you have, reverse the bytes, etc, can be automated easily) so if this works we'll see some support scripts surfacing, and it doesn't seem to use obscure hardware either (a flasher is "common" enough).

The people that provide flashing and recovery services should be jumping of joy right now if this indeed works.

#31 - G Sus - 112w ago
G Sus's Avatar
still cant do super slims, or a tleast i dont think you can, and since it still needs hardware flasher, its no use to a lot of people, as they are not comfortable opening their ps3.

#30 - Shugobox - 112w ago
Shugobox's Avatar
If I'm reading this right, it means you can now exploit every PS3 model out there via hardware... why isn't this causing a huge turmoil yet?

#29 - NotJustAnyRob - 112w ago
NotJustAnyRob's Avatar
I guess I'm out of luck stuck on 3.70 for ever lol? Since I don't have a flasher. By the way what kind of flasher is it that I need? Name ect. Sorry I know this isn't the section for those kind of questions.

#28 - racer0018 - 112w ago
racer0018's Avatar
Damn it I don't have one to try out. This sucks. Might have to go and buy one.


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