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Video: MCLOW Minimum Rogero 4.30 v2.03 PS3 CFW Mod v0.07 Demo

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97w ago - Following up on Rogero 4.30 v2.03, today I have a MCLOW Minimum Rogero 4.30 v2.03 PS3 CFW Mod v0.07 demo video followed by v0.08 to share!

Below are the complete details, as follows:

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror)

ROGERO 4.30 v2.03-MCLOW MOD v0.07

WHAT this mod does:

  • Pictures modded to Data (psp\minisgames, memorycardutility, ps3gamedata, ps3saves, vitadata & xmbm+datamanager)
  • Music modded to Packages (xmbm+ package install manager)
  • Video modded to Multimedia (xmbm+ multimedia manger)
  • TV modded to PSX (playstation one games)
  • Game modded to PS3(Disc and APP\home)
  • Network modded to Homebrew (all games+homebrew)
  • PSN sorted (signin, trophy, shop, plus, remote, browser, xmbm+downloadmanager)
  • Added new bigger wave
  • Added new health screen
  • Added new longer gameboot


  • Only tested on ROGERO 4.30 v2.03

PROBLEMS (need to be fixed):

  • The xmbm+ install manager isn't working right- you can delete pkgs but u cant see them under install? --> (but normal rogero installer still is working!)
  • If you want to exit memorycardutility it hangs ---> (you can move saves etc. it just hangs if you want to go back)
  • icons need to be fixed for PICTURES, MUSIC, VIDEO, TV & NETWORK
  • PS1 games are shown under psx section & Homebrew (but it only should in psx section)


1- Make a back up from dev_blind & keep on a safe place!!!
2- Install the newest install_package.pkg from multiman!
3- Start install_packages from xmb!
4- When the the package installer has started up do nothing just leave it running!!!
5- On your pc run ur ftp program and
6- Copy xmbmanpls folder to hdd0:\game\
7- Copy resources folder to dev_blind:\vsh
8- Go back to ps3 and triangle
9- Now you should see the modded XMB


10- if you want showtime under mutlimedia just install showtime.pkg

LOOKING FORWARD to find a couple guys to help me for the final release! there's not much left to do but i'm very new to this and i don't know very much about xml programming and stuff... i'm really having problems to categorize between PSN\PS3 and PS1 and homebrew...

The final version should be like this:

  • All games except homebrew and psx from HOMEBREW back to PS3
  • Homebrew only should show homebrew then!
  • New PS3 section should only show PSN and PS3 games NO PSX GAMES

I'm also looking for somebody who can help me make a PKG installer for the theme?

greetz seemann aka mclow

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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rianchio23's Avatar
#105 - rianchio23 - 104w ago
ok so I've tested this fw out and it works. The only problems I see with it are when you are in multiman or when you are playing a game you can't hit the ps button to quit game it will just keep spinning but never load icons. You have to hold the ps button then select quit game. Other than that no problems. Played mw3 online, max payne 3 online and also played resident evil 6 off external hard drive online. Games update when connected then allow for online play.

For anyone waiting and wanting to stay on 3.55 good luck with that. This cfw will play games unmodified even darksiders 2 with external mirror option. All the games i have that are already eboot fixed still work too so yeah I don't see any point in waiting unless you are waiting for an updated version that exits games properly. I just hit the eject button. Works fine. Well Hope that helps answer some questions. I was on rogero online pup and flashed ofw 3.55 thru recovery before updating to this new cfw.

G Sus's Avatar
#104 - G Sus - 104w ago
thanks again technodon for your nice post last night. i went out today and bought lollipop chainsaw and it played perfect first time.
i been waiting ages to play it but wouldn't buy it cos couldnt even play it on dex.

niwakun's Avatar
#103 - niwakun - 104w ago
Anyone got reactpsn 2.0 working with this? No luck with mine, it just won't work.

dekaspace's Avatar
#102 - dekaspace - 104w ago
I haven't updated PSN in over a month, if I am on 4.21 do I just install CFW or do I still need to downgrade?

matt101's Avatar
#101 - matt101 - 104w ago
i installed rogero 4.21 cex... successfully on a cech-2103a installed fine... but cant seem to run multiman... or any psn games throws error 80010017 except frogger... plays disks no probs resident evil 6 and let me update and it starts... do i need a new multiman like multiMAN v04.07.02 or other files to go along with it... app/home throws error 80028f14.

install package files work... tried with silenthill it installs ps1 title then it asks to activate but wont let me... just install multiman v04.06.00 and it hangs on the little black orb with glasses thats all i tested so far... any help appreciated

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