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Video: How to Dump PS Vita Games via PS3 CFW 4.21 Tutorial

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113w ago - Below is a video tutorial from GameBlamer on YouTube demonstrating how to dump PS Vita games via the recently released PS3 CFW 4.21.

It has not been confirmed yet and I am not the uploader, I just found it randomly so consider it a proof-of-concept if it ends up working or an 'entertainment purposes only' video if not.

The video is partly in English and part in German, and although it can be followed if anyone wishes to translate the German parts to English or make a new video let us know and we will update this article with it... those interested can check it out below!

Finally, from wololo (via wololo.net/2012/10/25/backing-up-vita-games-using-the-new-4-21-cfw-by-rogero/) on the above video to quote:

Backing up Vita games using the new 4.21 CFW by Rogero

Have you ever worried about Sony's financial situation, and what would happen to your hard earned Cash if they were to close? I certainly have.

For a long while now Sony have not been in the best financial state and could possibly face bankruptcy in the future. If this were to happen, then their servers would go down, meaning that there would be no more PSN/SEN, subsequently all of your purchased media would just vanish into thin air.

However, this is no longer an issue! (At least for those who own a Playstation 3). With the release of the LV0 keys, and CFW on 4.21, if you were lucky and updating didn't brick your console, then this is for you. For those of you who do not have 4.21 at present, fear not! There are apparently multiple people working on getting CFW on 4.25 and even 4.30 (and considering they have the LV0 keys, that probably won't take too long).

Be advised however. I have not tested this since I am still on 3.55, but the person who posted this is rather reliable from my own personal experience.

If any of you are able to test this then please let us know! If not, sit tight - it won't be long!

Please be advised that this video is mostly in German, but it's easy enough to follow.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#410 - hot sniper - 113w ago
hot sniper's Avatar
I'm with hakulaku2012 i got his same problems so i can't downgrade too ~_~

any help?!

#409 - ROOKI3 - 113w ago
ROOKI3's Avatar
just re-dump your games, cause you'll need all your files that you replaced with fixes, you should of backed up your files before patching your games with fixes.

#408 - Axlmegaman - 113w ago
Axlmegaman's Avatar
Okay, so i tested all of my games and most of them have an error or trophy error. I think this is because i used 3.55 fixes and dongle fixes instead. Does any one know where i find original eboot/param files or another solution to this?

#407 - hakulaku2012 - 113w ago
hakulaku2012's Avatar
So I had to update via xmb, because recovery kept putting me back onto 3.40, so thru xmb update i got 4.21 on there, it's a fat ps3 btw. So I got 4.21 on, and multiman 4.08 (rogero4.21cfw support) but when i try to load games I cant get any to work.. tried sonic legends 1st cuz it is old, got black screen.

Tried puss in boots (original unpatched) just got past psmove screen then put me back to xmb. Then I tired RE6 (unpatched), and it gets stuck in multiman verifying game. Any detailed instructions on how to get the games to run would be greatly appreciated.GARRR!.my feeble mind should have stayed on 3.55 at least re6 was working

also maybe I didn't dehash properly?? I never had to downgrade but I used the qa toggle pkg anyway (at rogero's request) just to try to be safe. can anyone at least confirm that I halfassed did this right? if I can get multiman to run, then I'm obiviously not bricked right? so where did I go wrong? thx!

#406 - lzyslckr - 113w ago
lzyslckr's Avatar
I'm gonna install it when I actually have 4.21 games cuz I got jack.


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