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Tales of Xillia PS3 3.55 CFW Fix for Custom Firmware is Released

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55w ago - Recently mamu, Kenshindono, and several other dedicated fans have been updating the ongoing discussion thread with translation revisions, and now a Tales of Xillia (BLES01815) PS3 3.55 CFW Fix is available below.

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

It is confirmed working in Kmeaw 3.55 CFW with the latest multiMAN or Rogero PS3 CFW with save working.

Enjoy everyone!

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Karrion's Avatar
#164 - Karrion - 56w ago
I'm trying to understand all the technical thingamajigs that you have around here without success.

I understand (kinda) that you're making some kind of undub project of tales of xillia, but it hasn't been released yet in the west; so, would it be a problem to try to explain to me in layman's terms what exactly is this post about?

I'm not trying to be blunt or offensive, it's just that english is not my primary language and i'm not sure how to ask this

Thanks in advance.

Kenshindono's Avatar
#163 - Kenshindono - 56w ago
Thanks mamu, it works perfectly

If there is no changes then the game will be undubbed as soon as it goes out thanks to you.

The tool works perfectly fine, here is the result for the first processing

Noroduil's Avatar
#162 - Noroduil - 56w ago
Wonderful work, as always. I have a doubt mamu, it is possible for you undub older games of ps3 like the White Knight Chronicles Saga or Infinite Undiscovery? Seeing how easy seems for you to undub the "tales of" games, maybe those would worth a try. Or the file structure is different?

mamu's Avatar
#161 - mamu - 57w ago
I've updated toxpack, here is the changelog:

  • Repack is now 2 times faster
  • You no longer need to keep all the extracted files for repacking (if a file is not found in the input folder it will be read from the original data file)
  • Redesigned commands and help page
  • Works without libgcc dll
  • Typo fixes

So if there will be no changes in the file structure, making an undub could be as simple as running

kokotas's Avatar
#160 - kokotas - 58w ago
You have to extract the game (obviously you need to have the game files in your pc) using mamu's toxpack.exe, then I guess you use mamu's sdb editor to edit the English text in, in the respective extracted files. Here are the tools I collected:

extractor + sdb editor + TLZ decompressor: [Register or Login to view links]

But with the the US release coming out on August 6th (6th? I thought it was the 1st T.T...), there is not much point in doing that. Hopefully, we will enjoy another perfect undub soon, thanks to mamu

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