Stealth Inc A Clone In The Dark USA PSN PS3 by SiXAXiS is Released

27w ago - Following up on their previous releases and some new Opoisso893 PS3 3.41 / 3.55 Fixes, today PlayStation 3 scene release group SiXAXiS is back with Stealth Inc A Clone In The Dark USA PSN PS3 SiXAXiS for Custom Firmware (CFW) users.

From the related PS3 NFO file: Stealth_Inc_A_Clone_In_The_Dark_USA_PSN_PS3-SiXAXiS / Stealth Inc A Clone In The Dark USA PSN PS3 SiXAXiS

Download: / / / / / / / /

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cfwprophet's Avatar
#87 - cfwprophet - 131w ago
If you have buyed them you can download from PSN again. In first period of PSN it was 5 times but now its only 3 times (i think) you can download youre legal buyed psn games again. Beside that you can receck the licensee of a game and if its broken also redownload it.

But i don't think that there is a APP to do this tasks on the PC in case of SCE servers talk to your console and make sure that it is your game and will then gen a licensee with the console key of that device you download your game to. JFW DH CFW claim to have a licensee generator... we will see when it comes to the scene.

Frago's Avatar
#86 - Frago - 131w ago
hi guys, i have a question, i like some other guys here i delete my legacy psn games time long ago, now is any way to donwload these games again with a program similar to psn downloader and reactive my legacy games again?

B4rtj4h's Avatar
#85 - B4rtj4h - 131w ago
~Hehe love the tut ! Good work. I am gonna test it right away.

SwordOfWar's Avatar
#84 - SwordOfWar - 131w ago
You would need to use your current one. reactivate any of your lost PSN content using the act.dat etc files currently on your HDD.

leon315's Avatar
#83 - leon315 - 131w ago
ehi guys, i found amazing this program, i've got only a question: we need our PERSONAL "act.dat" for psn game activating, right?? What should we do if somebody has recently switched to a larger HDD without its backup???

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