Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition Unlocker for PS3 Out

74w ago - Following up on yesterday's releases, PlayStation 3 scene release group DUPLEX is back with a Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition Unlocker for PS3 out today!

  • Sonic.All-Stars.Racing.Transformed.Bonus.Edition.Unlocker.PS3-DUPLEX

Sonic.All-Stars.Racing.Transformed.Bonus.Edition.Unlocker.PS3-DUPLEX - Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition Unlocker PS3 DUPLEX

Download: / / / /

From pete_uk comes a LEGO Lord of the Rings PS3 EBOOT Fix below as well stating the following:

Download: LEGO-LOTR.rar / EBOOT.rar (signed with 3.40 keys and sys_proc_param also changed - Mirror)

As this is signed for 4.25, It will not work on Rebug. So I resigned it. It may work on 3.55+ but can't test it myself. I haven't tested it much, but it boots to the menu on Rebug 4.21

Also below is a PS3 patch fix for Under Defeat HD by richdotward:

Just out. Signed with 4.25 keys:

Tested on 4.21 rogero. Only use the sfo if you get the you need to update your firmware to 4.25 (mm should auto patch but mine is playing up - this sfo set to 4.21). Supposed to work with 3.55 according to the new TrueAncestor 1.5 spec.

Finally, here is one

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#1353 - PS3 News - 118w ago
It's possible to search within threads.. see the pic below as an example:

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#1352 - FiREFLOOd - 118w ago
Why isn't it possible to search within a thread?

Can anyone supply the Monkey Island links? I can't find them anywhere anymore in this thread.


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#1351 - Godai - 118w ago
NEW Beat Sketcher (fast links)

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#1350 - lele0o0o - 118w ago
FIFA 12 {full-game-fixed-for-3.41-3.55}

LANGUAGE: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Hungarian




{fresh links}

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#1349 - dacore84 - 118w ago
This info was told by a user at ps3 iso about "PixelJunk Eden Encore": "When i bought the game and the expansion, ENCORE was abailable for the first, its like a garden or credits icon at the beggining of the game and in all locations, the normal game are 10 gardens, 50 levels i completed 50/50(Unlock own music mode), ENCORE is 5 aditional gardens, 25 new levels, TOTAL 75 levels (enter here by the ENCORE icon for the first) but doesn't appear."

So basically that means that the expansion "Encore" doesn't work i assume? Just the main game "PixelJunk Eden". Anyone with skills who could look into that?

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