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Record of Agarest War 2 English Patch for PS3 CFW 3.41 / 3.55 Out

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108w ago - Following up on the Record of Agarest War Zero PS3 Custom Firmware fix, today an English patch for Record of Agarest War 2 for PlayStation 3 CFW 3.41 / 3.55 is available.

Below is a brief guide for those interested, as follows:

1) Buy the English version of the game, or get it from somewhere
2) Download and Install the BLUS30881 Patch (replace the files) from [Register or Login to view links] or [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror)
3) Play!

There is no need for any dongle! 99% of the game is in English, Story, Items, Skills, everything, the only thing that is in Japanese are some things in the menu, which are totally not important.

Here are some screens as proof: [Register or Login to view links]

If you want to play on 3.41 you need to install the official Japanese 1.02 Patch [BLJM60273_[UPDATE_01_PS3FW_03.4100]_VER_01.02.pkg], in Multiman (or with FTP) go to /dev_hdd0/game/BLJM60273/USRDIR/SEC, and replace the files there from the original English release. (AG01, AG05, AG10, AG17, AG20 and AG22...)

On 3.55 it should work without the 1.02 Patch, but I haven't tested that, so if you have trouble Install the Patch, replace the files, and Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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pandulce1's Avatar
#5128 - pandulce1 - 91w ago
These are the instructions that I followed to get it working. I think that the fix is on page 235 of this same thread, just scroll down to section B towards the middle of the page. The DLC link is also on that page, but the file is no longer accessible.

Installation Guide:

Install E3 update 1.04 patch 3.55.
Install any of DLC. Not necessary to install all.
Install ALL DLC FIX.
If adding some DLC after, apply ALL DLC FIX again.
Run your retail game with MM.

NOTE: BLES users after installing DLC and DLC FIX do this:

Copy DLC USRDIR folder from /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30538/USRDIR to /dev_hdd0/game/BLES00926/USRDIR.
Confirm with "yes" to overwrite notice. Play your BLES game with new

Arkham City FAQ thanks to Quake69

Batman - Arkham City FAQ:

Q) Did your source contain a ISO?
A) Yes, there was a ISO in the rar file
S) This is a bad source. You can not use this source. You must find a source that is real.
Fake Source: 85(files) - rar-01-82, sfv, nfo
Original source only has 83(files) - rar-01-80, sfv, nfo

Q) I booted from the app_home icon. But, it Freezes. What's wrong?
A) This Game will not work from the app_home icon
S) You must have a Game in the BR Drive and Boot from BR Disc icon

Q) Will this game work from Internal or External?
A) Yes, It will work from either
S) Please see above Solution.

Q) I'm a dongle user and had this game working with it. But, Now it's not working.
A) Being that you used this game with it you replaced files to make it work for that
S) You must first replace your files with the Original files.

Q) I installed the fix and the ALL DLC fix and it's not working. What is wrong?
A) You didn't install DLC
S) Install DLC and then ALL DLC Fix

Access DLC skins code:

After selecting a save file, press on the D-pad: LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, DOWN.

Carl03's Avatar
#5127 - Carl03 - 92w ago
Hi... is there a fifa 13 pass online for the europe version as of yet?

mejt1987's Avatar
#5126 - mejt1987 - 92w ago
Hi... i have Batman_Arkham_City[BLUS-30538] copied on internal HDD... and with this Eboot.bin cant get it work... how to fix it? anyone pls... i tried ewrything...

PS3 News's Avatar
#5125 - PS3 News - 92w ago
Guys do NOT spam this thread with any offtopic posts, those who do will receive an infraction instantly.

This thread is only for PSN game fix download links, requests for reuploads, and help getting them running- absolutely nothing more!


All Regions + Included Internal Fix files needed.. Only 1 internal fix needed when using Deus.Ex Patch.. Read the NFO. If these get renamed like my other fixes did from host .read the solution. Remove the=> 'xxxx.rar'

Dino05's Avatar
#5124 - Dino05 - 92w ago
The AC Revelations 1.04 update n0drm fix does not work for me. I'm prompted to have a 3.72 PS3 system update. The Leatherface repack link is now dead. Please let me know if I still have hope.
Assassin's Creed: Revelation BLES01467: Update 1.04 Fixed:

EP0001-BLES01467_00-ACRTITLEUPDATE04-A0104-V0100-PE_Fixed: [Register or Login to view links]

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