Record of Agarest War 2 English Patch for PS3 CFW 3.41 / 3.55 Out

94w ago - Following up on the Record of Agarest War Zero PS3 Custom Firmware fix, today an English patch for Record of Agarest War 2 for PlayStation 3 CFW 3.41 / 3.55 is available.

Below is a brief guide for those interested, as follows:

1) Buy the English version of the game, or get it from somewhere
2) Download and Install the BLUS30881 Patch (replace the files) from or (Mirror)
3) Play!

There is no need for any dongle! 99% of the game is in English, Story, Items, Skills, everything, the only thing that is in Japanese are some things in the menu, which are totally not important.

Here are some screens as proof:

If you want to play on 3.41 you need to install the official Japanese 1.02 Patch [BLJM60273_[UPDATE_01_PS3FW_03.4100]_VER_01.02.pkg], in Multiman (or with FTP) go to /dev_hdd0/game/BLJM60273/USRDIR/SEC, and replace the files there from the original English release. (AG01, AG05, AG10, AG17, AG20 and AG22...)

On 3.55 it should work without the 1.02 Patch, but I haven't tested that, so if you have trouble Install the Patch, replace the files, and Enjoy!

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najmudi92's Avatar
#702 - najmudi92 - 120w ago
how to get Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light?

yeopajee's Avatar
#701 - yeopajee - 120w ago
flysociety666 those games you posted like FF9 can be play like normal psn duplex? no need ReactPSN? because i'm using kmeaw

flysociety666's Avatar
#700 - flysociety666 - 120w ago
Is this Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light only for ReactPSN?

Nah, inside the rar should have the patch. it's not a .pkg, though. it requires moving it into a specific folder through MM or whatever file explorer you use.


1. Transfer to an external FAT32 media (pendrive/USB HDD) or over FTP
2. Use MultiMan's File Manager to copy the contents of FIX folder to /dev_hdd0/home/00000001/exdata/
The folder '00000001' is your user profile id. If you have only one profile -- that is the only folder you'll see under /home/ catalog.
In case you have multiple profiles, copy the *.edat file to the one that you will be playing the game from.
If the folder 'exdata' is not present that means you've never been logged to PSN -- create it manually and put fixed file in it.
3. Install pkg through Install Package Files
4. Play full version through XMB!
5. According to the author this fix allows any kind of updates to the game.

kippie's Avatar
#699 - kippie - 120w ago
hello thanks for the psn games. only a few files are not PKG file ( a pair of when I download google chrome are not regular files PKG.

thanks for this beautiful Christmas

djcoston's Avatar
#698 - djcoston - 120w ago
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Fiksennaya game:
Is this Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light only for ReactPSN?

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