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Rebug PS3 4.40 Version Spoofer 2.3 for 4.21 / 4.30 / 4.31 CFW Out

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83w ago - Following up on their Rebug Update Package v0.1 (4.30.x), today Sony PlayStation 3 hackers Cyberskunk and evilsperm of Team Rebug have released a PS3 4.40 Version Spoofer 2.3 for 4.21 / 4.30 / 4.31 which allows Custom Firmware (CFW) users to connect to PSN.

Download: 4.40_Version_Spoofer_2.3.pkg (scmods.com/rebug/pkg/4.40_Version_Spoofer_2.3.pkg) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror)

To quote: 4.40 Version Spoofer 2.3 - 4.21 / 4.30 / 4.31


4.40 Version Spoofer 2.3 for 4.21 CEX/DEX, 4.30 CEX/DEX, 4.31 CEX. The app backs up your current files before activating the spoof, then auto reboots.


Press L1+CROSS to INSTALL 4.40 Version Spoof files to your PS3


Press L1+CROSS to ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE (System will reboot)


Press L1+CIRCLE to UNINSTALL (this will deactivate the spoofer, remove the spoof files from dev_flash and reboot if needed)

Note: Please do not email us about game compatibility. Some may just require a simple PARAM.SFO edit to get past the latest game update, others may not work at all because the game NEEDS the newer files.


~ Codename: REBUG

Big thanks to blastleaf for the artwork.


4.40_Version_Spoofer_2.3.pkg - f70dfba078ec1da405b84beb77570d8f

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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Azrial's Avatar
#184 - Azrial - 75w ago
Your gonna have to give us more info, what CFW are you on?

wlbrt53's Avatar
#183 - wlbrt53 - 75w ago
version 4.41.. i already jailbroken using PS3UPDAT.PUP version 4.41 that i download.. please help

elser1's Avatar
#182 - elser1 - 76w ago
hey all. i'm thinking of updating from rebug 3.55 to the newest rebug 4.31. is this the best fw or should i go 4.21 rex. all i will be doing is playing games from hdd etc. i haven't used my cfw for a year or more but since metro last light came out i have.lucky it had a 3.55 fix but most new games don't seem to so i'm going to upgrade.

is there any traps to look out for? i'll enable qa then unspoof and install over rebug 3.55 from xmb. i take it i'll need to update mm etc.
so any tips etc. i haven't updated my cfw for along time and don't wanna stuff it. LOL


moonwalker's Avatar
#181 - moonwalker - 76w ago
Hello everybody.

I have:
REBUG 4.30.2 (Spoofed to 4.41)
MM 4.40.00 BASE

Everything is running fine etc.

If I connect to PSN, will I get banned? Are there some tips to minimize the risk of getting banned? I have read to never go online with PSN while running MM. I've also read about "MM stealth" which is supposed to minimize the chance of getting banned. I understand that the stealth version of MM is only for Rogero at the moment.

Should I remove all homebrew if I wanna play online? In addition to MM, I have RegTool, Load Last Title and a couple of "bubble"/PSN games, should these be deleted? What should I absolutely avoid?

Anyone know when stealth version of MM for Rebug will be released? I have been online the last two days, so far so good, but I wanna be careful now...

When launching SNES rom from MM it says i have to install SNES9X for MM. Where can I get the latest emulators for MM?

crusad3r's Avatar
#180 - crusad3r - 76w ago
Cool I gotta do the same

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