PS3 NFW (Newbie Friendly Ware) v3.55 Custom Firmware Arrives

141w ago - Following up on the recent PS3 Cinavia DRM Check Fix for PS3MFW comes some ready-made PUP files from bitsbubba called NFW (Newbie Friendly Ware) for PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware users, which include the Kmeaw CFW Cinavia disabled patches and 3.66 spoof followed by version 2 below and a PS3 3.55 NFW (Newbie Friendly Ware) Bug Fix.

Download: PS3 3.55 NFW (Newbie Friendly Ware) / PS3 3.55 NFW Unspoofed / PS3 3.55 NFW v2 / PS3 LV2 Patcher BD Region Changer

Below is the changelog, to quote:

3.55 NFW v2 Features Enabled:

  • Change PUP build / version

Patch LV1 hypervisor

  • Allow mapping of any memory area (Needed for LV2 Poke)
  • Peek/poke support (unused lv1 calls 182 and 183)

Patch LV2 kernel

  • Patch to add Peek/Poke system calls to LV2
  • Patch to add LV1 Peek/Poke system calls to LV2 (LV1 peek/poke patch necessary)
  • Patch to add LV1 system calls to LV2

Patch package installer

  • Allow installation of pseudo-retail (geohot) packages
  • Allow installation of debug packages

Patch Application launcher

  • Patch to allow running of unsigned applications
  • Added Start Game (disc-less) to games category
  • Added "The Homebrew Channel" to XMB

Clean unwanted icons from the XMB Videos Category

  • Remove "Netflix" icon from the XMB Videos Category

Clean unwanted icons from the XMB Games Category

  • Remove "Minis Manual" icon from the XMB Game Category
  • Removed "PlayStation Store" icon from the XMB Game Category

Clean unwanted icons from the XMB Network Category

  • Remove "Online Instruction Manuals" icon from the XMB Network Category

  • Disabled Cinavia Protection (except AVCHD and BD: WIP)
  • Custom coldboot by PatheticPuma
  • Added Graffiti Dynamic Theme by DoctaIgnorantia

REMINDER: the only way to revert back to another FW is though Recovery Menu!

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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elser1's Avatar
#36 - elser1 - 141w ago
thanks bubba +rep mate

PS3 News's Avatar
#35 - PS3 News - 141w ago
What does Cinavia DRM check do?
Basically it is a content protection system in Blu-ray players... check the Cinavia link in the article HERE for more details on it.

Sostanco's Avatar
#34 - Sostanco - 141w ago
feature it's never enough! thx

matt101's Avatar
#33 - matt101 - 141w ago
Can I use this with kmeaw or do I need a diff cfw?

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joekrow's Avatar
#32 - joekrow - 141w ago
A lot of people are asking for CFW because they are tired of playing demo games online... You know these playstation 3 disc are really a pain to buy as they are costing too much in Africa we need a cfw 3.61 please.

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