PS3 Flash Tool 1.0 Version 4.50 Patch Update by Habib is Released

27w ago - Following up on his Habib CEX 4.50 V1.01 PS3 CFW and the PS3 Flash Auto Patcher v4.50 by Proskopina, today PlayStation 3 developer Habib is back with PS3 Flash Tool 1.0 which includes a 4.50 Version Patch update with details below.

Download: (10.7 MB) / Downgrade4.50.rar (Mirror)

To quote: This instrument made ​​by Swizzy, coder very famous for scoring many tools for the Xbox 360, merges with “PS3 Flash Auto Patcher” of Rogero recently updated with patches released byHabib making it one tool.

The application is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 is very simple in its use, just drag the dump over the program that will check all the sections at the end of the control will be all valid if you proceed with the patch.

You will have 2 modes of operation, a Auto and a Normal (can be enabled with registry files included).

The Auto mode will control the dump and if it is valid it will automatically patch the files (all in less than 2 seconds). The Normal mode will control the dump and if found valid will ask if you want to apply the patch.

Place in data folder:

  • patch1n.bin
  • patch1r.bin

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iflayev's Avatar
#97 - iflayev - 24w ago
you can't use this one, this is for cfw versions.

MeteK's Avatar
#96 - MeteK - 24w ago
My console is on 4.XX OFW.

technodon's Avatar
#95 - technodon - 24w ago
downgrade to 3.55 then it will install fine

MeteK's Avatar
#94 - MeteK - 24w ago
i have tested on a 60Go Ps3 on OFW.

Corrupted data...

Brenza's Avatar
#93 - Brenza - 24w ago
Again... You cannot guarantee that people won't get banned, what if sony put some checks on the files you edited to disable the ecdsa checks? If people install this "ofw" ang get banned what will you do?

BTW to answer your questions:

NO, obviously you won't be able to play backups while on "OFW"
NO, you won't even be able to use patched\fake licensed PSN games, you'll get banned if you try
if you connect without cleaning your xmb, without cleaning your log files, without cleaning cfw files and folder you'll get banned.
you won't be able to spoof your idps if you already got banned

the only way to play online using a modded ps3 is an ODE on OFW and this is not totally safe too

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