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PS3 Brick-Recovery Procedure from Rogero CFW 4.21 to CFW 3.55

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112w ago - Following up on his Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 release that bricked many PS3 consoles, PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Rogero has now made available a PS3 Brick-Recovery Procedure from CFW 4.21 back to CFW 3.55 using Rogero PS3 NOR Auto Patcher v0.01 as outlined below.

To quote: Brick-Recovery Procedure from CFW4.21 back to CFW3.55

After Testing with some bricked Slim consoles (from updating to CFW4.21) with different friends and testers around the world, I can confirm that Bricked consoles can be recovered back to CFW3.55 even if you didn't have a NOR Dump/Backup.

Requirements are:

1- A Hardware Flasher so you can read/write to the PS3 NOR flash
2- A Dongle with PSgrade payload (any old jailbreak dongle + PSGrade hex will do) used to Enter Factory Service Mode (FSM)
3- [Register or Login to view links]

Recovery Procedure :

1- Dump the current NOR Flash of the bricked PS3 at least 3 times using a hardware flasher (Progskeet / E3 / TEENSY++)
2- Verify that it is properly dumped and you have a valid dump by comparing your dumps or following these steps: Validating_flash_dumps (via ps3devwiki.com/wiki/Talk:Validating_flash_dumps)
3- Patch the dump using Rogero PS3 NOR Auto Patcher: [Register or Login to view links]
3- Flash the Patched Dump back into the PS3 NOR using the Hardware flasher.
4- From this point you can continue as a normal Downgrade Procedure by entering Factory Service Mode using the dongle and Flashing Rogero CEX-3.55 v3.7 from the USB stick.


  • I didn't receive any Brick report from any FAT PS3 that updated to CFW4.21, so it seems FAT consoles are not being affected by the bug.
  • Apparently only the last downgradable Slim models are affected (CECH-25xx with Datecode 1A and base FW version = 3.50)
  • I also know that there are also few Slims that bricked with model CECH-20xx but 90% of the reports were model (CECH-25xx with Datecode 1A and base FW version = 3.50).
  • The Brick may be caused by the boot-loaders not being written correctly into the NOR during the Update process.
  • Please note also that all the above info may not be 100% accurate, things are still being worked on so nothing is confirmed at all and I don't promise anything about an updated CFW.

  • CECH 2504A ACCEPTABLE Slim - possible bricks
  • CECH2004B N/A N/A


Note: This isn't set in stone. Have a hardware flasher or know how to recover even if your console model is acceptable. Make a multiMAN NAND/NOR backup and ensure QA flags are set!!! Hope you have a great time!

Finally, in related news kiwitothemax has released a [Register or Login to view links] followed by MRDOTB releasing an [Register or Login to view links] and [Register or Login to view links] today with details below.

Custom Firmware Validator Database Update


1. Download the provided XML (odb_ps3_mod).
2. Move the XML into Custom Firmware Validator's 'databases' folder.
Simple. Should the database not load you can manually select it within the program.

Notes: PUPs added to the database - 3.55 DEX downgrader, OFW DEX 4.10/11/20/21, itskamel DEX MFW, _Exceedy_ DEX MFW's, Rogero DEX MFW's, Harryoke DEX MFW.

Updated Version 2.0 Rev5 Changelog:

  • added FAKE cfw Nodex
  • added all CEX CFW up to 4.21
  • added all DEX CFW
  • added missing DEX OFW
  • added missing CEX OFW
  • added missing Glevand's CFW 3.55 (included test releases)
  • added missing Rogero's CFW 3.55
  • added some missing checksums for some firmwares
  • old, translated databases are moved to ./outdated folder

To Do:

  • add missing CEX OFW (the ones from BD-ROM)
  • add missing SEX/DECR OFW

PS: For checking if CFW is safe or not please, click on lightbulb icon. There's always brick tag which inform user about danger or not, even if description saying that already.

Updated Version 2.0 Rev7 Changelog:

Another update. To Rev7. Just unpack it and replace folders/files from v2.0 Rev6.

  • Added latest CFWs.
  • Added missing CFWs from kiwitothemax's mod.xml.
  • Added missing DECR OFWs

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#250 - JimmyLuong - 112w ago
JimmyLuong's Avatar
Has anyone been able to unbricked their PS3 from the instruction above? I bricked my PS3 as well and I was ready to giving up hope since a lot of ppl were telling me that even with an E3 without a NOR dump is useless.

I didn't made a NOR dump file at the time of update. Is my PS3 forever doomed? Or perhaps there is still hope if I'm ready to get the dongle and Flasher?

#249 - charlie1533pr - 112w ago
charlie1533pr's Avatar
Where to put on windows x86? Not x64.

Dont mind in Wndows x86 place the .ocx in System32... easy! Thanks tonyqc

Quote Originally Posted by dovez0 View Post
how do i make a nor/nand dump using multiman have searched google all i ever get is to do with rogero and saying to make it no tutorial can some please help thank you

look for a post here: cex to dex tutorial by Yayes and you will find an easy explained way to dump your nor/nand.bin and your eid_root_key too. It worked fine to me.

sorry for the stupid question

#248 - tonyqc - 112w ago
tonyqc's Avatar
Following up on the previous guide and release of Rogero PS3 CFW 4.21, here is a guide from Elle on how to get online and access PSN with PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware 4.21 using LG5Tool by Logan5.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror #2) / [Register or Login to view links]

Follow these instructions and you will be good to go:

1) Unzip the LG5Tool

2) Put the mswinsck.ocx file into the following folder: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\

3) Then go to RUN>>CMD (Vista & 7 Users run as administrator)

4) Copy and Paste the following: cd C:\Windows\SysWOW64 THEN PRESS ENTER

5) Copy and Paste the following: regsvr32 mswinsck.ocx

6) You should see the following message saying: "DllRegisterServer In mswinsck.ocx succeeded"

7) Now you can run the LG5Tool so double click on it (Vista & 7 Users run as administrator)

8) When it loads make sure you tick the box where it says: "firmware update" & Click Start Proxy

9) On the LG5Tool you will see the word "Your IP" & after you click Start proxy a ip address will appear next to "Your Ip" make a note of it as you will be needing this on the next step below

10) Go to your PlayStation 3, Go to Network settings >> Internet Connection Settings >> Choose which connection your using Wired or Wireless (For this example I'll be choosing Wireless) >> Enter Manually >> then put your details in >> When your on IP address setting choose automatic >> then when you come to following options do the following:

Set the DCHP host name = DO NOT SET >> DNS Setting = AUTOMATIC >> MTU = AUTOMATIC >> Proxy Server = Use >>

Then it will ask you to input a address, here you will input the ip address which you saw on the LG5Tool (Some may say, some maybe different), Port number is: 8080 after doing that scroll across >> UPnP = Enable >>

Then you will see press the X button to save settings click X >> Test connection and When you test the connection the first 2 Ip address & internet connection should say successful. DO NOT SIGN IN TO PSN YET!!

Then (and this part is really important guys) on the LG5Tool UNTICK where it says Firmware update >> After its unticked then you can go to sign in on PSN, If you don't untick it you might have a error on your PlayStation and if you do then you have not unticked firmware version!!

Then your good to go!! Enjoy!!

In related news today, Cotojestwtf (via ps3-hack.com.pl/index.php/topic,11938.0.html) has made available [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror) which is yet another tool that allows PSN access on CFW.

From the ReadMe file: Yet Another Bypass 1.8

How to use:

1. Start bat file YABStart
2. Set up on PS3/Proxy Seetings IP: of your computer
3. Set up on PS3/Proxy Seetings Port: 27 u can change them on config folder (port.txt)
4. Connect to PSN

Successfully bypassed 4.30 on 4.25, 4.21 probably works too. cotojestwtf/cotojwtf. Supported Regions: EU, US, AU, JP, UK.

All versions are created to do same thing connect to PSN with lower FW. Passphrase is only changed.

How to Get on PSN Using Yet Another Bypass 1.8 for Noobs Tutorial by MacAmb

Hey guys i just wanted to share this brief guide about using YAB 1.8 to get on PSN because a lot of members and users still don't know how to use it. In this Method PC is required.

PC Side:

1- download YAB 1.8 (above) and extract it to desktop or anywhere.
2- open That Folder and run YABStart and noting will appear just a black screen will flashes .but its thats how its running.
3- now to get your IP for your Active Network Wireless or Lan Go to Start and then click on Run then type CMD and after that type Ipconfig it should appear a list Networks now take a note the Active one and remember it its something like this: and close cmd.

Note: i have Rogero 4.31 v2.05 and also Rebug Spoofer 4.40 is installed and active.

PS3 Side:

1- Go To Setting and Internet Connection Settings > Custom > Choose either Wired Connection or Wireless > IP Address Setting Automatic > DHCP Do Not Set > DNS Setting Automatic > MTU Automatic >Proxy Server Use :filed the IP Address of your Active Connection IP in Address and use 27 in Port No. you can change it if you want in Config > UPnP Enable > now Press X to save the Setting and test the Connection.

That's it should be all set and working.. some notes: if you got IP Succeeded and Internet Connection Failed then just turn off any firewall and remember when you turn of your PC and turn on again to get on Online just use Step 2 in PC side.

Finally, TeamSGK has [Register or Login to view links] their [Register or Login to view links] ([Register or Login to view links]) and [Register or Login to view links] stating the following:

SGK SPOOF - compatible with 4.30 ReactPSN!

  • Make sure that you do not have to install Spoof if you have one deinstall it
  • Download SGK-SPOOF-4.30 and install via "Install_Package_Files"

Cobra CFW

1: Deinstallez the spoof via Multiman
2: Teturn to XMB
3: Start-SGK-SPOOF-4.30. This will ask you to select: say yes to the two questions.
4: To disable start a new SGK-SPOOF a 30.4-Unable spoof called and it will not disable spoof poster, say yes

Dongle CFW

1: Downgrade your dongle in 2.5
2: Return to XMB
3: Start-SGK-SPOOF-4.30. It asks you to say yes to activate 2 questions.
4: To disable start a new SGK-SPOOF-4.30 to spoof Unable called and it will not disable viewing spoof, say yes

All CFW 3.55 Standard

1: Uninstall any spoof install on your PS3 (Rebug spoof style 2.2 4.11)
2: Return to XMB
3: Start-SGK-SPOOF-4.30. It asks you to say yes to activate 2 questions.
4: To disable: run again SGK-SPOOF-4.30 spoof Unable to say no and it shows you disable spoof, say yes SHIFT


1 - Download SGK SPOOF 4.30
2 - Download FckPSN 01.01
3 - Install and activate sgk spoof 4.30 package via the file manager ps3 restarts
4 - Go to network settings and configure dns with ip pc
5 - Started FckPSN wait to start well and that he is listening mode
6 - Turn on the ps3 and connect on ... alller ADMIRE THE MAGIC!

This is 100% pass any test jvien the day online!

More PlayStation 3 News...

#247 - Luis ngu - 112w ago
Luis ngu's Avatar
PSNinja v3 (signed by Luis)
[Register or Login to view links]

#246 - DoctorimiJ - 112w ago
DoctorimiJ's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by IslaTurbine View Post
Can someone remind me how to QA flag my console?

1- Make sure you have the Blu-Ray drive attached or the QA Toggle package won't work.
2- Download the Rebug QA_Toggle package from [Register or Login to view links] ([Register or Login to view links])
3- Put the "toggle_qa.pkg" on USB and Install it on the PS3.
4- Run the "Rebug Toggle QA" from XMB, the screen will go Black and you will see HDD Led activity then if all went fine you will hear one Beep and the PS3 will Restart back to XMB.
5- If you want to make sure QA flag was set, go to "Network Settings" then apply the following key combo (all at the same time):

L1 + L2 + L3 (press left stick) + R1 + R2 + dpad_down

You should see Edy Viewer, Debug Settings, and Install Package Files if done correctly.


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