Portal 2 In Motion PS3 DLC Unlocker by DUPLEX is Now Available

66w ago - Following up on their previous release, today PlayStation 3 scene release group DUPLEX is back with a Portal 2 In Motion PS3 DLC Unlocker today with details below.

Download: Portal 2 In Motion PS3 DLC Unlocker / Portal 2 In Motion PS3 DLC Unlocker (Mirror) / Portal 2 In Motion PS3 DLC Unlocker (Mirror #2) / Portal 2 In Motion PS3 DLC Unlocker (Mirror #3)

From the included PS3 NFO File:


Portal 2 : In Motion DLC Unlocker (c) EA (NPUB31076)

Release Info:

PortalT2 In MotionT is a DLC campaign for Portal 2 designed by Sixense for use with the high-performance motion tracking of the PlayStationrMove motion controller. Building on the characters and world from Valve's Portal 2, Sixense created Portal 2 In Motion to provide the most intuitive motion control experience ever seen.Players use the PlayStationrMove motion controller to reach, rotate and scale objects in order to solve increasingly challenging puzzles that require creative use of motion.

Portal 2 In Motion also adds new depth and possibilities to the familiar tools from Portal 2, requiring the player to fire portals at precise angles and to throw Weighted Storage Cubes with measured force. The light on the PlayStationrMove motion controller changes automatically to correspond to the color of the last portal created (either blue or orange), just like your Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device in the game


Tested on CFW 4.30 on the valid scene release Portal.2.PS3-MARVEL with latest game updates applied!

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cfwprophet's Avatar
#754 - cfwprophet - 120w ago
The install process has nothing to do with the region. Also all other things are similar. The PS3 is region free and can play games of any region. If you use this and life in the us then it will work but the language maybe wont match. Chances are high that also the euro version will have english text or language's cause England is also a country of europe

bearmon2010's Avatar
#753 - bearmon2010 - 120w ago
Thanks, man but does it work for USA version ?

By the way, your links are dead.

pablogers's Avatar
#752 - pablogers - 120w ago
oh my god... crash bandicoot!!.. thanks, you are like the gods of the scene right now!

oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
#751 - oVERSoLDiER - 120w ago
Oh, and another PSN release of course.

Release: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Fixed
Platform: PS3
Size: 3050 MB
Group: N/A

Platform: PS3
Release date: September 2010
Genre: Arcade
Developer: Crystal Dynamics, Nixxes Software
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Region game: USA
Language / voice acting: English

Game summary:

More than 2,000 years ago, the forces of good and evil fought for Smoke Mirror artifact of great power, which allows alternate day and night, or forever to load the whole world into darkness. Meanwhile, the fearless leader of the Army of Light, Totek, having captured the great power of the artifact, and sent an evil spirit Ksanksolta of this world. Totek buried himself in the mirror in the Temple of Light, to protect the artifact from the forces of evil.

But after 2000 years of Lara Croft went into the mountains of Central America in search of a long-lost Temple. Mercenaries stealing an artifact Ksanksoltu allowed back into this world, for which he paid with their lives. Totek accusing Lara happened, decides to cooperate with it to restore the mirror. If the artifact does not return to the forces of Light Ksanksolta uses the power of the mirror to plunge the world into eternal darkness.

All the Trappings Challenge Pack 1
Things That Go Boom Challenge Pack 2
A Hazardous Reunion Challenge Pack 3
Kane & Lynch Character Pack 4
Raziel & Kain Character Pack 5

1. Put the files in the root od usb/external or Multiman's File Manager
2. Install UP0082-NPUB30225_00-LARACROFTGOL0000.pkg file via "Install Packages"
3. (Optional)If you wish to install UP0082-NPUB30225_00-DLC12345FIXED000.pkg, to add in game 5 DLC.
4. Copy files from folder "exdata" to/ dev_hdd0/home/00000001/exdata / (The folder '00000001' is your user profile id. If you have only one profile - that is the only folder you'll see under /home/ catalog.
In case you have multiple profiles, copy the *.edat file to the one that you will be playing the game from.
If the folder 'exdata' is not present that means you've never been logged to PSN - create it manually and put fixed files in it
5. Play.

Tested on Kmeaw 3.55, works like a charm


Source : splitter.MyFTP.biz

pr0p0sitionJOE's Avatar
#750 - pr0p0sitionJOE - 120w ago
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light +5DLC (Fixed version)




2 files + fix (folder "exdata" inside with .edat files)

Install UP0082-NPUB30225_00-LARACROFTGOL0000.pkg file via "Install Packages"
If you wish to add 5-DLC install UP0082-NPUB30225_00-DLC12345FIXED000.pkg (Optional)
Copy all files from folder "exdata" to/ dev_hdd0/home/00000001/exdata/

Should work. (not sure if 3.41 support)

They just keep on coming, ey oVERSoLDiER? And still some left. We need more DUPLEX like devs.

Go EXEtrimALL, you rusky bear!

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