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New PS3 EBOOT Patch Fixes for CFW by N0DRM for October 13, 2012

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93w ago - Following up on their previous releases, this weekend PlayStation 3 scene release group N0DRM is back with more PS3 EBOOT Patch Fixes below!

  • Call.Of.Duty.Modern.Warfare.3.EBOOT.PATCH.123.USA.PS3-N0DRM

Modern Warfare 3 EBOOT PATCH - Call.Of.Duty.Modern.Warfare.3.EBOOT.PATCH.123.USA.PS3-N0DRM - n0drm-codmw3123us.rar

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LeatherHead N0DRM Repacks (10-13-12)

MODERN.WARFARE.3.Patches.Updated.v123.(8).Regions.Converted/Fixed/Repacked by ZOMBIEKILLAH

MODERN.WARFARE.3.Updated.Patch.v1.23.(8).Regions Converted/CFW 341/355 FIXED
v1.23 Spoofed to v.9.99 = UPDATE STOPPER

Ignore the param.sfo text in game data utility. I forgot to edit my custom text from the param v1.22 to v1.23 ! Sorry but it is only a visual "no harm at all/or difference cause of it". IT IS ONLY TO TELL YOU PATCH ID + VERSION ! = It is v1.23 so don't worry. You can look in game data update History to see the patch version ++ I like my stuff perfect & that little edit bothers me, lol.

Original EBOOTs, PARAM.SFOs and SELFs:

N0DRM - 123 PreFix
ZOMBIEKILLAH - "8" v1.23 Region Converted & Repacked

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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pr0p0sitionJOE's Avatar
#2043 - pr0p0sitionJOE - 109w ago
I dont play FF games eather but every new game released as free for all is great news. Dont bash on Daivy, I know how hard is to work on fixing and testing every detail.

We cant play every game fixed from start to finish. This way release rate would be very slow. This happens, although it surprises me that promenant people release "semi-fixes" like eboots without sprx, selfs, or edats verified. E3 did the same mistake. Very amateur stuff for team of their renomes.

niwakun's Avatar
#2042 - niwakun - 109w ago
OMFG! Thanks Cre8. You have my humblest thanks.

bearmon2010's Avatar
#2041 - bearmon2010 - 109w ago
I found out and was told that Final Fantasy for DUPLEX released doesnt have freeze or crash for Chapter 3a.

elser1's Avatar
#2040 - elser1 - 109w ago
thats awesome, thanks chinese mate.

good to have someone that knows how to do it in the scene..

bearmon2010's Avatar
#2039 - bearmon2010 - 109w ago
I suggest that you need to test this Final Fantasy instead of saying 10000% works perfectly fine because few people reported that Chapter 3a freeze nor crash. Please test it. Maybe Duplex version is better than other versions as they mentioned. Who knows. I can't test it because I dont play Final Fantasy games.

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