Marvel Vs Capcom 3 PS3 DLC Unlocked for Custom Firmware!

132w ago - On this beautiful weekend PlayStation 3 hacker Hero Q8 has managed to unlock all of the Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (USA) PS3 downloadable content (DLC) for Kmeaw and Rebug Custom Firmware users via PKG file!

Download: Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (USA) PS3 DLC Unlocked PKG File / Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (USA) PS3 DLC Unlocked PKG File (Mirror)

He also states more PlayStation 3 DLC hacks are currently being tested for release soon, and below are the MVC3 PS3 DLC details to quote:

Just install PKG

yes Jill and Shuma-Gorath unlocked.

btw what else is in this pkg?

  • 2 Characters
  • Shadow Battle
  • Costumes

There is more just testing them first.

Finally, from JakeRobles are some PS3 MVC3 game saves below:

Two MVC 3 saves you guys can try:

Mission Complete GameSaves (With Bonus SSF4 Save)

BLUS304100 Game Save (91% Missions Complete)

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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PS3 News's Avatar
#5 - PS3 News - 132w ago
Yep, I have now added a mirror to the first post for those having issues with the original link.

babyjoe00069's Avatar
#4 - babyjoe00069 - 132w ago
can we get a mirror, seems like this doesn't want to finish

master32820's Avatar
#3 - master32820 - 132w ago
now HE is a good hacker

thanks man

PS3 News's Avatar
#2 - PS3 News - 132w ago
I remember seeing this thread from a few weeks back... wonder if Capcom thinks the PS3 still isn't a threat now?

HeyManHRU's Avatar
#1 - HeyManHRU - 132w ago
Thanks for this boss, I got the BLES version but I'll change the game ID and see if this works with it.

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