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Iris Manager v1.49.1 PS3 Backup Game Manager Update is Released

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101w ago - Following up on the previous updates, today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer Estwald has updated the Iris Manager PS3 game backup manager to version 1.49.1 followed by 1.49.2 and v1.49.3 with the changes detailed below.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] by faxtron / [Register or Login to view links] by LoboGuara

To quote, roughly translated: Well, then here goes: I have included notes (many) so you have any idea what I've played and that: basically control power off by temperature (90 seconds above 79 degrees) and idle time (60 minutes without touching the pad and provided they are not doing file transfers that we can touch morality) is in routine pad.c reading pad

I think it basically means operation: for not being overloaded reading, I do that every 16 tics read the timer and temperature using syscall, do the necessary checks and if the old timer is not zero and go overtime, catapum Chimpun ( without a word))

I've grouped all that well is not lost [+ laughs]. And now the explanation for users:

  • Now to have an hour of downtime in Iris console off
  • As I said, in Iris temperature alarm: 90 seconds without the temperature drops below 80 C in either CPU or RSX and the console is turned off.
  • The addition of the callback Disc allows're not constantly checking whether there is a disc in and it allows the reader to rest.
  • Added support for redirection libfs.sprx: copy by ftp or via usb (usb :/ gets into iris) libfs_patched.sprx, which is generated by patch_libfs.bat (do not forget to put keys in the data folder!) And games like COD4: MW to operate from internal BD-Emu mount
  • In Tools (press START) the "Copy from / dev_usb / Iris to Iris folder" will make life easier to move things to the installation directory of Iris Manager. For example, if you put "covers" of Multiman within the USB folder, you copy your own content or libfs_parched.sprx we talked about. The option uses asynchronous copying to gain speed.

IMPORTANT: This new option may damage the Iris Manager installation if not used with head, for logical reasons.

NOTE: Obviously, there is no option to delete anything that is copied, except by FTP or pulling or uninstalling other programs (which will render the games settings, etc.) Enjoy it!

v1.49.1 Changelog (translation by aldostools):

  • After one hour of inactivity in Iris the console is turned off
  • Temperature alarm in Iris: if temperature remains above 80 C for 90 seconds in either CPU or RSX, the console is turned off.
  • Added support for redirection of libfs.sprx: copy by ftp or via usb (to usb:/iris) the libfs_patched.sprx generated using patch_libfs.bat (don't forget to put the keys file in the data folder!) and games like COD4: MW will play from internal HDD with the BD-Emu mounted.
  • Added a callback for Disc check, that prevents constant polling if the disc is inserted or not, giving a rest to the BR drive reader.
  • In Tools (press START) the option "Copy from / dev_usb / Iris to Iris folder" will make life easier letting to move things to the installation directory of Iris Manager. For example, if you put "covers" of multiMAN or the libfs_parched.sprx we talked about within the USB folder, Iris will copy the content its folder. The option uses asynchronous copying to gain speed.

IMPORTANT: This new option may damage the Iris Manager installation if not used with head, for logical reasons.

v1.49.2 Chagelog (translation by aldostools):

  • Fixed a bug mounting the BD-Emu when certain disk changes occur (for example, inserting certain PSX games, eject then put a BR disc).
  • Removed patched libfs load when BD-Emu is used from external disc (COD black screen 4: MW similar to that which occurred from internal)
  • Added warning messages in shutdown functions (in one case can be cancelled, in the other is non-cancelable for obvious reasons: if there is overheating, we must be forced to turn off the PS3)

v1.49.3 Changelog (via elotrolado.net/hilo_3-55-4-30-iris-manager-v1-38_1842936_s340#p1731400119):

  • If you load a game for PS3 (not PSN, a disc game), some data are stored in a file (lastgame). Holding down L1 on startup, when Iris Manager is loading again, it will load automatically the last game, unless their presence is not detected or error.
  • If in the root directory of the game (where usually the PS3_DISC_SFB is found), you put a file name containing ps2disc.txt with the destination path (eg. /dev_usb000/dataps2 or /dev_hdd/GAME/dataps2), that folder is mounted as /dev_ps2disc.

This feature can be useful for games like Sing Star, that can read tracks from PS2 discs.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#20 - xragel2478 - 177w ago
xragel2478's Avatar
shiny bricks?... really ? why would they purposely brick a console? i understand to weed out traitors, but why not let the beta be optional. another way of owning us like sony does.

#19 - shummyr - 177w ago
shummyr's Avatar
This is getting better and better of a firmware.

#18 - PS3 News - 177w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Yea, that does seem a ways off if the JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Beta testing is 2 weeks... I guess time will tell for sure though.

Also below is some more details from blipi who is one of the developers working on OpenPStore: ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/353-JFW-?p=3377#post3377

Hey people. I've just heard you posted this here, and I just said to myself, let's post too. Atm I'm working on OpenPStore, which is part of the JFW. I've been working on it for many many hours, as all devs which are working on JFW, and it is just disgusting to read people saying JFW is a fake.

I've seen pics of JFW running, not all of its features though, so it's not fake. There is a whole team working hard every day to bring this to you, and I've actually talked to all of them and I do know their work is real. Just for you to know, now it is 2 am where I live, I've been working till now just to have it all ready for the beta test and not to delay it anymore.

We want to verify everything is working without any problems before releasing it, to avoid things such as bricks or weird bugs. That's why the beta and further release will take so long. So far it is all progressing fine, and I do have proofs of, at least, my work.

Here I bring you 2 proofs of how hard we are working (OpenPStore).

1- We had a problem with a pre-made library to read .xml files (mxml), which was solved by manually coding a new .xml parser.

xml_parser.h : [Register or Login to view links]

[Register or Login to view code]

xml_parser.c : [Register or Login to view links]

[Register or Login to view code]

(Don't expect to find any OpenPStore here, as it is only a .xml parser)

2- Final GUI design of OpenPStore (Not a pic of a ps3, but from a PC. Though PS3 is exactly the same):
It will come in multiple colors, with an autochanger (to random color) feature.

s3nint3!If you want to I can keep you updated. JFW is real, and we are putting all our effort into it. Do not trust any fake release/leak! I don't know if the brick thing is true, but having seen all the work which has been done here, I would just trust it and not mess around.

Nobody is going to brick nobody's console unless someone leaks the JFW. And, even if it is leaked, if you don't use the leaked beta, you dont' have to worry about anything. And ofcourse, the final release won't have this anti-leak feature.

I also have to say thanks to everyone of you who do trust in us and give us support, as support and opinions is our only pay back for the work


PS: If it was for me, I would translate JFW and it's homebrew to English and more languages, but as I am not the only one who works in this project, I don't know when English support will come or whether it will come or not. Sorry.

PS2: For those claiming evidence... Beta will be here soon, just wait. You cant trust us or not. I know what I'm doing, and I do know that it is real. I don't even have a ps3 to test OpenPStore too, and I have to keep asking for testers. More than 5 people have already tried OpenPStore, and every one of them could tell you that it is real.

#17 - Baller786 - 177w ago
Baller786's Avatar
not long till it gets leaked.

"The estimated date for the publication of the JFW-DH is October 1, 2011"

We're probably gonna have 3.80 firmware by then. and 3.60 custom firmware should defo be out by then.

#16 - doctorwho05 - 177w ago
doctorwho05's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dayv View Post
What is the minimum firmware needed for this. new here, thanks

Well to jailbreak you need at least 3.41 FW and a USB Dongle, from there the skies the limit (upgrade-downgrade, CFW).

I hope it helps.
Quote Originally Posted by DAXGr View Post
Ps1 emulation capability applies to every known model.

Sent from my X10mini using Tapatalk.

People are wondering if their PS1 Eboots they made for PSP will work on CFW.


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