Flashback PSN PS3 by DUPLEX is Released for PlayStation 3 CFW

28w ago - Following up on their previous releases, today PlayStation 3 scene release group Duplex has made available Flashback PSN PS3 DUPLEX for PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) users with details below.

To quote from the PS3 NFO file: Flashback.PSN.PS3-DUPLEX / Flashback PSN PS3 DUPLEX

Download: http://ul.to/f/3xczhp / http://u30791193.letitbit.net/download/83014.874b5e97cb2ac0b57a34bb9e2e95/flashback.rar.html / http://www.relink.us/f/850729b087939183dc39713a0dfce3

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elser1's Avatar
#188 - elser1 - 130w ago
tuhta pretty much has 3.72 cfw.. wait for his thing to be released.. its what i'll be getting..

swatpup32's Avatar
#187 - swatpup32 - 130w ago
Will this work for those of us who are using wanki 3.55 or will we have to switch to a diffrent cfw. I'm currently waiting for the 3.55 with 3.7+ enabled firmware to come out before switching.

HeyManHRU's Avatar
#186 - HeyManHRU - 130w ago
Did you test it on 3.55 CFW? also thanks for the link . Might be useful for someone who wants this game and doesn't have access to PSN.

chrrox's Avatar
#185 - chrrox - 130w ago
Here is the psn download link for this game


There is a 3d model converter for this so i thought it would be cool to share the download so its easy to get the models.

cfwprophet's Avatar
#184 - cfwprophet - 130w ago
There already is a 3.6+ game in there newest release. So more 3.6+ games are incoming for sure the next days.

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