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Far Cry 3 DLC Unlocker for PS3 CFW By DUPLEX is Released

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98w ago - Following up on their previous fixes, PlayStation 3 scene release group DUPLEX are back with a Far Cry 3 DLC Unlocker for PS3 CFW users with details below.

  • Far.Cry.3.DLC.Unlocker.PS3-DUPLEX

Far.Cry.3.DLC.Unlocker.PS3-DUPLEX - Far Cry 3 DLC Unlocker PS3 DUPLEX

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Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

Special Thanks To The Team

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pr0p0sitionJOE's Avatar
#978 - pr0p0sitionJOE - 147w ago
prophet, see you here.
I'm off to work, but let me make you happy...

Full game: [Register or Login to view links]
FIX: (edat) [Register or Login to view links]

Thanks to EXEtrimALL!

See you guys afternoon. Enjoy!

cfwprophet's Avatar
#977 - cfwprophet - 147w ago
No offence meant but you should read again. It's explained more then one times where to put the file.

Quote Originally Posted by camsterrulz View Post
much respect and reputations to you both

No problem mate. Glad that you got it working

ps. You don't need to feel stupid i think we all sometimes run into that

TwistedJay's Avatar
#976 - TwistedJay - 147w ago
Hey guys I need some help with Parasite Eve 2. It comes with the game install file and the fix file and also the exdate file I need to know where to put this file and the order to make it work.

just noticed the file ext. is .rap I installed the game and installed the fix and then used multiman to copy the exdate folder to dev/hdd0/home/00000001 there is a file inside the exdate and that is the xxxxxx.rap file thanks to anyone who can help. the game link is on page 83

megatrackerx's Avatar
#975 - megatrackerx - 147w ago
Quote Originally Posted by Hissatsu View Post
Dungeon Defenders (PSN) FW 3.41 FIX (FIX ONLY)

Hi hissatsu for this 3.41 fix... could you do the same with marvel pinball? it requires 3.50 firm to work. can you help me with that? i want it to work on 3.41 firm (and many others too for sure) thank you in advance and excuse my poor english!

BBoy Chrif's Avatar
#974 - BBoy Chrif - 147w ago
Hissatsu can you help me.. i have Resident evil 5 G.E. (7.36Gb)pkg.. How to install this pkg on PS3?? i read some comments about mm & ftp but idk how??

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