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Sony PlayStation 4 / PS4 Orbis OS Development Details Surface

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84w ago - Today some Sony PlayStation 4 / PS4 Orbis OS development details have surfaced from VGLeaks (linked above) as follows, to quote:

"We have some details about the development of the PlayStation 4 OS.

The Operating System is called "Orbis OS". It is a modified version of FreeBSD 9.0.

We aren't sure if this will bring again the "Other OS" functions to PlayStation 4 (remember that this option enabled PlayStation 3 to install other OS in the console like linux or windows).

When you boot up a second-gen development kit, you will be prompted with several options, as you can see in the next captures:

More options appear when you choose startup settings:

As you can imagine you have either a console mode or a graphic mode (the one you will see in a retail PlayStation 4).

Here you can see some images of the console mode and some of the files/directories in the devkit:

We'll try to add more information in the future."

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#6 - JeoWay - 84w ago
JeoWay's Avatar
It is not x86. x86 is 32bit architecture. The PS4 is a x86-64 architecture which is 64bit (even better than 32)

To be honest with you, I think it will come back due to the PC 64bit architecture. Same with PS3, I could seriously see Sony bringing it back to PS3 once they stop updating the console.

Nope. Just because their is a USR folder and an .elf file doesn't mean anything. Its true that the PS3 and PS4 run a custom Linux Kernel, but anything can be named USR for many purposes. Hell, I could change the folder name to SUPERDUPERSYSTEMFILES with superduperelffy.elf if I wanted to.

But yeah, it does have Linux kernel and I could see the other os feature coming back.

#5 - GrandpaHomer - 84w ago
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Actually - it was much more interesting when it wasn't x86 ...

#4 - elser1 - 84w ago
elser1's Avatar
i don't think they will be making that mistake again mate. the guy that forgot to start the randomiser wouldn't work at sony anymore i'm sure.. lol

but who knows what some pimple faced teen could do with an hr or 2 spare time and the desire to hack it. lol

#3 - kalberto - 84w ago
kalberto's Avatar
if it's TRUE, then it can be hacked, I see USR folder and .elf file, this was the same as PS3 method, right ?

the main problems, we have to find the first KEY to open the first OFW

#2 - elser1 - 84w ago
elser1's Avatar
As it says above; "We aren’t sure if this will bring again the “Other OS” functions to PlayStation 4 (remember that this option enabled PlayStation 3 to install other OS in the console like linux or windows)."

will be interesting to see.it may well be there at launch until someone figures out how to exploit it, then it will be removed, like with the ps3... LOL

#1 - blitzball - 84w ago
blitzball's Avatar
Will they put the linux option for users? It would be very interesting considering that now is x86


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