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PlayStation 4 Reballing APU (CXD90026G) in PS4 by Spox_2 Detailed

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34w ago - Today Spox_2 (via thenat1) detailed a PlayStation 4 reballing APU (CXD90026G) in PS4 with details below and some pictures available HERE.

To quote, roughly translated: Hello! As the first service in the world, and thus in Poland made the impossible! We proudly present a new gallery showing the full process uBGA heart PS4 console - An AMD APU Jaguar.

Scope of activities:

1. We buy the PS4 console on the European release (date 29.11.2013r. in Poland)
2. Removing the APU system based on IPC (CPU & GPU - AMD system Jaguar) from the motherboard
3. Reballing the APU on a new solder alloy Sn63/Pb37 (unfortunately does not have at the moment, sit under a BGA. We made all the marbles own - it took 3 hours but worth it!)
4. Installation of the APU system based on IPC
5. Mounting motherboard PS4 console
6. The test result of the device ended POSITIVE!

Console after made uBGA and replacing thermal paste to Arctic Silver S runs a lot quieter during long hours of gameplay in KillZone Shadow Fall

  • Heart PS4 console - CXD90026G!
  • Purified APU in PS4
  • The cleaning process APU
  • Removing the PS4 console
  • Removing the drive in the PS4
  • Dual Shock 4
  • New solder joints Sn63/Pb37 at APU
  • Motherboard PS4 without APU
  • Motherboard PS4 lower part
  • Motherboard PS4 upper part
  • Preparation for the dismantling of the
  • Reballing APU on the foot Sn63Pb37
  • Our studio
  • Removed APU
  • Positioning APU in PS4 waiting for installation

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mushy409's Avatar
#9 - mushy409 - 33w ago
Personally I think Sony have done this on purpose... SPI flash are pretty common in most devices. Dumping the console FW isn't the challenge, decrypting/extracting it is a different story.

We'll see what's in store. I would imagine the same could be possible in the future - rewriting the coreOS section of flash to unbrick/restore the system.

Still waiting to get my hands on a PS4, there's none left here in the UK

Just looked at those screenshots, the second flash can be ignored - USB-SATA controller FW (also present on the PS3 slim JTP-001 & JSD-001 boards)

The 256Mb MXIC SPI is the device of interest

rodq's Avatar
#8 - rodq - 33w ago
Definitely dumping MX SPI flash could be done easier and cheaper! lmao

Brenza's Avatar
#7 - Brenza - 33w ago
So what exaclty do you think is great about someone dumping a SPI flash ? lmao
Definitely more interesting than your post! lmao

segobi's Avatar
#6 - segobi - 33w ago
So what exaclty do you think is great about someone dumping a SPI flash ? lmao

PS3 News's Avatar
#5 - PS3 News - 33w ago
More pics for the main article above...

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