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First PlayStation 4 (PS4) / Orbis Products Spotted via PSN by SKFU

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86w ago - Today German PlayStation 3 hacker SKFU has [Register or Login to view links] that the first PlayStation 4 (PS4) / Orbis products have been spotted via PSN.

While there aren't many details available yet besides the picture below, here is what he states:

PS4 - PSN preparations began. Time to start research

First PS4/Orbis products already spotted via PSN, getting interested

From Wololo (via wololo.net/2013/05/03/ps4-test-data-and-upcoming-content-spotted-on-psn-by-hacker/): PS4 Test Data and upcoming content spotted on PSN by hacker

PS3 scene member SKFU is known for his habit of sniffing and manipulating networks packets (in particular he likes to tinker the stuff Sony doesn’t necessarily want you to see when communications happen between your home network and the PSN). Today he spotted some content on the PSN that seems to be test data for the upcoming PS4.

Using what is apparently a private tools of his (interestingly named “psnsss” a.k.a. PSN Store Secrets Search), SKFU has found some test products related to the PS4, on the PSN. He revealed his findings with a simple screenshot that can be found below.

From what I can see on the screenshot, the test data is not directly available on the regular “retail” PSN servers, but on the servers used by Sony internally for development or for QA (internal beta tests, if you prefer): this is what the “Environment” values seem to imply in SKFU’s screenshot below.

For more details you can check the wiki, but basically everything starting with a “D” (e.g. D1-NP) in that list is an internal development server, and everything starting with a Q is a QA server. I am not sure what “E” stands for.

The test data itself is not revealing much. Cryptic product IDs and generic product names such as “Storefront inclusion test – Game PS4 product” or “Game Franchise with PS4 representative”, or again “Orbis test data”. Although I must say I like the one product that contains the string “WOLO” in it

More interesting to me is the fact that people like SKFU seem to have access to some of Sony’s internal PSN servers, somehow. Well, I’m sure this is no news to the people who have been deeply involved in the PS3 scene, but it is to me, and I think it’s pretty badass!

As always, more details will come as they are available.

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#11 - Sostanco - 85w ago
Sostanco's Avatar
really funny stuff, hope some whole rest open when ps4 go in store

#10 - maniey - 85w ago
maniey's Avatar
wow, so cool

#9 - BerserkLeon - 85w ago
BerserkLeon's Avatar
Sorry what? Unless you just went and googled Sony Swordfish and saw the youtube link... and didn't bother with the other two, I have no idea what you're talking about.

google.com/search?q=Sony+Chihiro < nothing.
google.com/search?q=Sony+Hammerhead < TV, also unrelated.

Why would PSN have ANYTHING about Vegas on it? I'm pretty sure it doesn't, so the youtube link in Sony+Swordfish 's results is irrelevant. (First I should mention, I have the Fiddler Web Debugger set up so I can view what My ps3/psp/pc go to.)

You know when you start up the playstation store on your ps3? It connects to sf.prod.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com

Swordfish. In fact, that's how I found the picture of the swordfish ship. Type [Register or Login to view links] into your URL bar and hit enter.

Now see here: p.tl/L8nJ < Ctrl + F for Chihiro, it's in the tags section, right beside "Web store" basically. When the webstore just started I could see references to a chihiro server... but I don't see it being referenced at the moment. Maybe they took it out of the URLS? Anyway I'm pretty sure it still means the web store.

I'm pretty sure Chihiro is for their "web store" and Swordfish is for their ps3/ps4 store, the only one I don't have anything on is hammerhead. Neither Media Go nor my PSP on PSN bring any references to hammerhead. maybe it is something else...

#8 - drphuz - 85w ago
drphuz's Avatar
let me start out by saying kickass app. Hope he releases it. But search the words with the word sony behind it. You wont be excited anymore. I'm surprised nobody else has done this and said anything. They are sony projects... but wait til what you see. Dont wanna lave a spoiler.

#7 - BerserkLeon - 85w ago
BerserkLeon's Avatar
It is. I forget how I got to it but there's actually a picture of the swordfish on the swordfish server.


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