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Why Sony is Utterly Broken and Why a PS4 is Needed Now

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307w ago - Smart House Australia has put Sony's PlayStation 3 console under heavy fire, by stating that the PS4 needs to come out now and Sony is falling too far behind.

They criticize Sony for not being like Nintendo, and being more interested in "grunt and performance than something as simple as family entertainment and a device that is exciting to use and cheap to produce."

Moreover, they actually doubt Sony has the ability to deliver a new breakthrough console in the future.

To quote: The Company that has been kicking Sony's backside is Nintendo because they have done what Sony could have done but failed to so because Sony engineers are more interested in grunt and performance than something as simple as family entertainment and a device that is exciting to use and cheap to produce.

So as games like Wii Fit and the Wii interactive sporting games clean up sales because of a simple interactive controller Sony is still contemplating what to do next.

This is not the first time that this has happened, Sony engineers did a great job of designing the walkman until Apple came along and gave them a software lesson that was more about designing an IPod that was more consumers friendly and easy to use than the Walkman. Now Nintendo has done the same but this time in the gaming market.

This is a Company that is living off yesterday's products and a brand that is looking sicker by the day. One also has to wonder whether they have the resources necessary to produce the Playstation 4 or even the people that are smart enough to actually deliver a breakthrough product.

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#16 - GZA1984 - 307w ago
GZA1984's Avatar
Well that's funny, because the last 2 generations Nintendo wasn't able to compete against Sony sales-wise and technology-wise(N64, Gamecube). Yet no one nagged about it.

Now that the Wii is selling better then both the Xbox360 and the Playstation 3 the critics (or should I say haters) start to complain about Sony. What? Only Sony? Why not mention the 360 as well then? Because not only is the Wii outselling the Xbox360 as well, but is the Xbox360 reaching it's max capability.

More sales doesn't nesssecarely mean that the product is better, It usually means it's cheaper but overall still ok. For instance i'd choose a ferrari over a ford if i had the money for it.

I'm sure if Sony comes with a price cut this year for the PS3, critics will have to eat their words. (overall it ain't even expensive at all for what you get!)

#15 - kenshin33 - 307w ago
kenshin33's Avatar
a bunch of nonsense. sony's console are always a head of their time. don't make me laugh, Wii comapred to PS3 ??? what a joke?
it's like comparing a scooter to a car. yeah both are means of transportation but they have nothing to do with each others.

#14 - PS3 News - 307w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by BlingOnMyWrist View Post
P.S. I meant in no way to disrespect PS3 News for posting the article. I think it really shows that, no matter how many Wiis are sold, the PlayStation 3 is a truly superior console.

I don't give a frog's fat ass what articles I post... as long as they are current news they get posted, so don't worry about that at all HEHE I show no partiality to any console.

#13 - BlingOnMyWrist - 307w ago
BlingOnMyWrist's Avatar
Look at all of the replies!

I'll go back and read them all once I get this off my chest. Sometimes the replies to an article are just as important and informational as the article itself.

First of all, I own a PlayStation 3 (of course) a Wii and my brother owns an Xbox 360. This article didn't really compare the 360 at all, just the Wii and the PlayStation 3. I'm glad that my PlayStation 3 is not a Wii. The Wii in my house is used for the family and the only games we currently own are the included Wii Sports, the Wii Fit, and Disney Sing It for my younger sisters.

I have to admit that I hardly ever play the Wii. When we got the Wii and the Wii Fit last summer, the whole family played it every day. We got very competitive playing the Ski Jump and playing bowling. But, when the Summer ended, and everybody had other things to do (School, work, etc.) we all became tired and really, had no energy to play the Wii. (I remember seeing it one weekend and saying, "I'm gonna go back on that." and it greeted me with "Your last visit was 120 days ago!") The Wii, although we had so much fun with it in the beginning, just sort of became a fad, even in a family of 6.

With my PlayStation 3, if it's not on, I'm either sleeping or at school. I much more enjoy my PlayStation 3 for the high definition graphics, Blu ray capability, internet browser, great games, photo slideshows, and capability to play movies from an external hard drive (or even copy them to the PS3 HDD). The only feature I don't use my PlayStation for is music. I love music and I don't think I could survive without it. Although I do have music on my PlayStation, I find it hard to browse my 4,000+ song library. If the music had a search feature I may find this feature more appealing and use it more often. I find that I definitely get a lot more use from my PlayStation 3 than from my Wii, and I find it much more of a suitable console for the kind of person I am (Media enthralled ). Obviously, by just holding a controller in my lap, the PlayStation is not as energy consuming as the Wii.

With the Wii, you cannot plat Blu rays/Dvds, there are no high definition games, there are really no [Register or Login to view links] (to me), the lack of friends my age who play their Wii (I'm sure they all own one.).
Movies and music (files) can be played on the Wii via SD card through the Photo Channel, yet they are round about and not as easy as using the PlayStation 3. There are numerous more advantage that the PlayStation 3 has over the Wii, but I'm sure that they are things you already know.

I really won't compare the Xbox 360 to the PlayStation 3 because this article is not discussing the 360. I will just add that, as time goes on, there becomes less and less better about the Xbox 360 than the PlayStation 3.

Another thing, I find it completely incompetent and foolish to say that the PlayStation 4 should be released so soon.

In conclusion, I find that this article is irrelevant to a person such as myself.

P.S. I meant in no way to disrespect PS3 News for posting the article. I think it really shows that, no matter how many Wiis are sold, the PlayStation 3 is a truly superior console.

#12 - mattaggz - 307w ago
mattaggz's Avatar
The ps3 is the most advanced system to date. Its faster than ur crappy home built pc. Plus sony has plunty of ideas for the future of ps3. The ability to update firmware and add new features the ps3 will be around for years to come. To say a ps4 needs to be release is just moronic!!!


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