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Why do some PS3 games require HDD installs?

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350w ago - MTV have found out that some Blu-ray games require installs to the hard drive because Blu-ray drives can only read at one speed.

"When this is combined with the extremely large size of Blu-ray discs, and simply dumping existing DVD data onto a Blu-ray disc will inevitably result in longer load times."

To quote: The issue arises from differences in the reading techniques of DVD and Blu-ray. By nature, the outer and inner parts of a disc move at different speeds while a disc is spinning, regardless of format (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD, etc.).

While DVD drives can read data at those differing speeds, Blu-ray reads at one speed. Combine that with the extremely large size of Blu-ray discs, and simply dumping existing DVD data onto a Blu-ray disc will inevitably result in longer load times.

Installations are a way around this issue.

When a publisher asks you to install a game on PS3, it's because they're moving some of the disc data to an area of your console that has much faster read access: the hard drive. You get vastly reduced loading times, but have to sit through an installation.

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#6 - slammy - 348w ago
slammy's Avatar
That would actually be 36Mbps. so its 3x the speed of a 1x DVD. BD-ROM specification states Movies at 54Mbps and Data transfers at 36Mbps, So would guess it reads 2x on video/audio and 1x on games.

#5 - ArtVandelae - 349w ago
ArtVandelae's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by superaktieboy View Post
but BluRay reads faster as well don't it? i mean a bluray reading at the spead of '1x' reads at 12megabits (or megabytes dunno).. compared to a few megs for DVD.

A Blu-Ray speed of 1x is about 32Mbps while a 1x DVD speed is about 12Mbps. So, yes, when you compare the transfer rates of a 1x BR and a 1x DVD drive the Blu-Ray will be faster. However when you compare a current 12x DVD drive to a 1x or 2x Blu-Ray drive the difference skews in favor of the DVD drive.

#4 - Nineball - 349w ago
Nineball's Avatar
But why is it that a game like Unreal Tournament 3 has an install option but does not require it to be mandatory?

#3 - mafiadog - 349w ago
mafiadog's Avatar
i don't mind the installation of games at all. On ps3 it reduces the loading time vastly as seen on dynasty warriors where as compared to xbox360's its hardly noticeable.

#2 - Blaz0r - 349w ago
Blaz0r's Avatar
15mb out of tons of megas the disc can contain... so the reading ratio is kinda 1:1 compared to DVD.


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