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Videos: PS3 Slim Loads Games & Movies Faster on Firmware 3.0

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277w ago - In videos from last weekend, we learned that the PS3 fat boots itself faster than the PS3 Slim, but the Slim had the edge when it came to loading games.

Now with new PS3 Firmware 3.0, the PS3 Slim loads games even faster... up to 25% faster according to [Register or Login to view links] on a Devil May Cry 4 installation.

YouTube user PS3slimComparison did a PS3 Slim Firmware 2.80 vs 3.00 Uncharted 1 level load comparison, with the same settings on both consoles and same 7200RPM hard drive installed on each.

To quote: "In this demonstration, conducted by the same source as the original testing, we see the PS3 Slim (Firmware 2.8) load Uncharted: Drake's Fortune against the PS3 Slim (Firmware 3.0).

The difference is considerable (you know, for adjustments to software alone), and we don't see why most other games wouldn't encounter similar loading improvements."

Finally, in the second video (below) it appears Blu-ray movies also load faster on PS3 Slim Firmware 3.0 versus 2.8 from startup. Cheers!

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#25 - iUnknown - 277w ago
iUnknown's Avatar
Either one is great IMO.

The reduced power consumption figures is enough to justify the lack of an "OtherOS" function. Although, I don't really understand why they had to take that out. Obviously for cost-cutting but I don't see the PS3 requiring additional hardware for the "OtherOS" option unless it was a license issue, which I'd be suspicious of since Linux is free, isn't it?

#24 - Chrisgunstone - 277w ago
Chrisgunstone's Avatar
I Think Both Ps3's are great.. its up to you to choose which one to buy if u like glossy and shiny stuff get the old one and prefer slim better looking ps3 the get the slim both kinda have the same specs.

#23 - Chivafighter - 277w ago
Chivafighter's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mike21clio View Post
so basicly your trying to say the older one is better?

Well the older models did have otherOS, some had Backwards capability, shinier, but had a pretty high price tag.

Now the slim has everything the Regular one has Except OtherOS, and costs 299...

the regular has its advantages but the slim is also cool. so they are both good

#22 - mike21clio - 277w ago
mike21clio's Avatar
so basicly your trying to say the older one is better?

#21 - Chris9092 - 277w ago
Chris9092's Avatar
I swear a while ago naughty dog said sony freed up some extra memory with one of their firmwares. Maybe this is what they were talking about? It would explain the faster loading...


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