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Videos: PS3 Slim is Slower Than the Original PlayStation 3?

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278w ago - As previously reported, we know that the the PlayStation 3 Slim uses half the power of its 'Fat' counterpart.

Now reports are coming out of the popular Japanese blog Ore-teki (linked above) that the PS3 Slim may actually be slower than its bulky predecessor.

Of course these differences may be caused by differences in harddrive, but in this case the maker of the video claims the same 7200RPM HDD is installed in each... which leaves room for firmware/hardware variations or simply random fluctuations.

Whatever the cause, it seems unlikely Sony will be admitting any undocumented performance difference between the models.

Below are some PS3 HDD and Blu-ray speed comparison videos demonstrating the apparent differences:

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#19 - gruffiki - 278w ago
gruffiki's Avatar
I do agree that the new HDD has bolstered the PS3 quite a bit. The extra space does indeed mean that the seek times are lower and the data transfer is faster. I've yet to experiment with this myself, as I don't have a Slim.

A possibly more accurate way to test both PS3s together is to:

# use 2 exact HDDs in both consoles
# format them
# install and run the game data

Overall, my concerns are in the minority. I'm already happy with my 60GB, with its range of features. But I respect the choices that people like you may make when wanting to buy or exchange for a slim, as it does have those appealing portability features.

#18 - xxLindenxx - 278w ago
xxLindenxx's Avatar
even if one or the other ps3 loads faster, it's not really enough to make a difference worth noticing. I don't mind waiting 2 seconds more if my console cost 100 bucks less.

#17 - JesusFMA - 278w ago
JesusFMA's Avatar
Well, I think that the benchmarking made here is just not right!

You'll se, the videos doesn't response to any answer, although it generated a lot more . The conclusion I can made out of this "evidence" is that the BD Drive is faster, but that's obvious since the very beginning, 'cause all the slim version of the PS's are faster . When it comes to the drives .

I don't own a PS3 slim yet, but if we really wanna do a good benchmarking, a really great idea (yeah ) would be doing a comparison during a folding at home computation, that sure will demonstrate who is the fastest hehe. Now, I think that the fat version is actually more powerful, but that's just my opinion based on nothing , I just hope that somebody can give us a straight answer to this situation.

#16 - semitope - 278w ago
semitope's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Shrink View Post
Just as I said right before you.

Just as I said a few posts before you

There is no reason to get rid of your 'slower' fat PS3 if you are only considering speed. I am considering the slim because my fat is noisy and bigger.

#15 - ynoz - 278w ago
ynoz's Avatar
the thing is that the older ps3 was designed to be an entertainment system, althoug all the hardware changes and the new 45 nm Cell on the slim, the old ps3 load media faster beacause it was intented to be like that, the slim is like sony's people said, less power consuming, and that has to affect somewhere in its performance, sony designers choose right, more efficient game load is priceless in gaming industry, thats what we gamers want, who cares if the bd starts a little slow, is not like it wont play.

the question is, what am i going to do with my slower fat ps3?


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