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Video: Windows Vista hits the PS3, as expected it's very slow

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334w ago - mopx0 has installed Windows Vista 32 bit on the PS3, the whole process takes a huge amount of time and the end result is that the emulation runs very slow as evidenced by the fact it takes nearly 25 minutes to boot to the start menu.

To quote: It's a 100% PS3 based emulation of Microsoft Windows Vista. Its super slow, but it works.

Tutorial: Install Qemu 0.9.1

- Install Vista on your Computer using Qemu and Bochs Bios Rev 1.171 by sshwarts
- Vlite helps speed the install up, Vista's install may take a day or so

- Bochs Bios Revision 1.171 can be found here (http://bochs.cvs.sourceforge.net/bochs/bochs/bios/BIOS-bochs-latest?view=log&pathrev=MAIN)
- You may also need to add this command "-cpu pentium3" for qemu to work right
- Copy the .IMG to your PS3's HDD
- Open Terminal where the Vista IMG is located
- Type qemu -hda vista.img -m 256 -L "Location to Rev 1.171, Drag n Drop" -cpu pentium3
- The -cpu pentium3 option makes it so it doesn't BSOD with error code 7F

It will take about 25 min to fully boot (network connection and audio show up).

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#4 - puppero - 333w ago
puppero's Avatar
Full system emulation will never be fast, you'd better hope microsoft ports vista to ppc architecture like in winnt 4 time.

#3 - jnxxx - 333w ago
jnxxx's Avatar
i think that this is awesome, since i know people that use the ps3 as a "computer" and it'll allow more flexibility later on, or just as an option against linux. tho, it's really slow right now!

#2 - adrianc1982 - 333w ago
adrianc1982's Avatar
Aside from proof of concept, what do we gain by running windows vista on our ps3s? I know you have developer friends and what do you think will happen if someday someone unlocks the full potential of the ps3 to homebrew. Do you think we can build powerful pcs out of ps3s with great gpus?

Or what is the point of testing this out?

#1 - puppero - 334w ago
puppero's Avatar
I don't think PS3 will be ever certified "Vista Compatible" by M$.


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