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Video: Time Machine: Rogue Pilot for PlayStation Network

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187w ago - Today International Affairs Manager Lucy Khatajaeva at Lesta Studio has posted up a video on Time Machine: Rogue Pilot for PlayStation Network which outlines details on the PSN title.

To quote: Today is the big day as we're releasing an official preview video for our upcoming PSN game Time Machine: Rogue Pilot!

The video reveals some gameplay details and is supposed to help you get some better understanding of what our game actually is and what it looks like.

But a new video is not enough, is it? That's why I'll reveal some more details and cover two big questions with this blog post: what this game is and what it is not.

What Time Machine: Rogue Pilot IS

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot is a Match3/hidden-object game with a number of innovative features, including unique mechanics of repainting tiles instead of replacing them with each other. I know this sounds simple, but it helps bring a fresh feel to the classical match3 genre.

For example, the Mood-o-meter. Sounds weird, huh? The Mood-o-meter shows how your character feels. The better you play, and the more bonuses you activate, the faster your character's mood increases. Once the Mood-o-meter is full, you get a Superbonus that destroys nearly all tiles on the screen.

We realize that Time Machine: Rogue Pilot is a puzzle game, not an open-world RPG, but we believe that a well-designed story gives every game a kind of a charisma, helping to make it unique and special. So we designed an simple but interesting story that guides you through the gameplay with nice graphic-novel-styled videos. Speaking of which, Time Machine: Rogue Pilot has some awesome visuals, but don't take my word for it - check out the screenshots and see for yourself!

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot also packs in quite a few missions (48 in all) spread across four eras, with a variety of various extra modes. The story mode features two main characters and two points of view on a storyline, but you can also play a multiplayer mode. Time Machine: Rogue Pilot is a must-have for every puzzle lover, for everyone who's shad a lot of fun playing Bejeweled and for everyone who wants to spend their time playing a good game.

What Time Machine: Rogue Pilot IS NOT

It's not another Bejeweled clone. Seriously, it's not! I'm a fan of Bejeweled myself, but not all games in the match3 genre are Bejeweled clones, and neither is Time Machine: Rogue Pilot. Just give it a try! Keep your eyes peeled for it on PSN later this summer.

So, I guess that's all I wanted to say in this post - it's a quick one, as we've got a lot of work here to have the game ready for its release as soon as possible. Will be back soon with some more news, so stay in touch!

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