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Video: Sony's PS3 Movie Service Qriocity Coming February 2010

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258w ago - Just under a month ago we reported on a 'Qriocity' trademark filed by Sony, and sonyinsider has now made available a video of the on-demand movie service that is coming to PS3 in February, 2010.

To quote from the video's caption: "We shot exclusive video footage during CES 2010 of a new Sony service called Qriocity, starting in February, and it is the basically the beginning of the Sony Online Service.

Sony is going to bring streaming SD and HD to the consumer, but we're not sure on pricing and I'm starting to believe there might be a subscription model. It's significance is so strong that it will be added as a main icon on the XMB and as a button on many 2010 Sony remote controls that belong to networked TV's and Blu-ray players.

Movies will be available in HD and SD for streaming, and have titles from 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Walt Disney Pictures, Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, Universal, MGM, and of course Sony Pictures. I was able to watch the HD version of The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3 for an extended version of time and felt that it was similiar to 720p/1080i quality with the 6mbps connection they had, and was certainly no Blu-ray.

However, I liked how the software judges your Internet connection and plays a bandwidth optimized version. With higher bandwidth connections (very easy in many markets), it could be that kind of solid 720p/1080i that leaves you satisfied, however - especially for a streaming situation.

The whole scene looks so much better than the Comcast On Demand I have at home. It was better than anything I've seen on a computer too, including Hulu. I noticed some artifacts on certain darker shades of colors, but I think that was because of the connection. A minor detail in comparison to the overall quality, however.

I would say this is a big power play for Sony and allows them to cater an On Demand experience to nearly everyone with the latest 2010 Sony networked home entertainment devices such as the LX900, BDP-S370 and so forth.

I'm pretty sure that Qriocity will also be coming to VAIO PC's, and Windows users overall in 2010 and perhaps eventually the PS3."

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#9 - johnymorgz - 257w ago
johnymorgz's Avatar
We are still waiting down here in Australia to download any TV shows full stop from our PSN store. Our ABC iPlayer is good but at only 1.5 mps its not great.

#8 - fraybentos - 258w ago
fraybentos's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by zeromx View Post
I use BBC iplayer and i get to watch movies and tv shows at GREAT hd quality.

First of all the BBC iPlayer is NOT HD. In fact, the resolution is lower than standard UK SD digital broadcasts...certainly watchable, but a little blurry in places...higher resolution is sure to be on its way for iPlayer in the not so distant future.

Back to topic, how is the new service any different to the current movie download service? With a fast enough connection you can practically stream HD content already...or is this aimed at a broader territory market than those having the current download/movie rental services.

#7 - Andrewlev - 258w ago
Andrewlev's Avatar
It's a nice teaser video at least..

#6 - zentsang - 258w ago
zentsang's Avatar
This is Sony's way of not losing out to Netflix. Since Netflix has a cheap subscription model ($8.99/month for 1 disc out and Instant Watch) and now lets you stream on the PS3 with a Disc, why would anyone pay for a movie off the PSN Movie Store? Unless you really had to have the latest movie to hit the store right this second. Also Netflix is ramping up their streaming servers to bring the user all the movies in their library via Instant Watch. Sony is just feeling the heat and Qriocity will more than likely be a competitive subscription fee to regain users from Netflix.

And I can't remember the last time the name Blockbuster was used. What's up with them?

Those are just my thoughts.

#5 - androvsky - 258w ago
androvsky's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Shrink View Post
I don't get it! What's the difference between MovieStore and this. Besides: 6mps and still artefacts? Most People got around 1.7mps so I wonder if it scales down or if the Movie just looks horrible.

The assumption is that with Qriocity you won't have to pay per download like you do with the PSN Video Store; it'll probably be subscription based (although I expect purchases will still be an option). Unfortunately, there's a good chance the titles available for streaming with a subscription is probably going to be limited, similar to Netflix on Demand. Would love to be proved wrong though.

If you have just 1.7 Mbps, it'll probably force you to SD resolution video, which 1.7 Mbps is probably adequate using a modern codec. Plus the original post says the video quality is notably better than other streaming services the author has used.


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