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Video: Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection Hits PS3 & PS Move

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144w ago - Capcom Product Manager Mike Lunn has shared some new video footage today of Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection, which is hitting both PS3 and PlayStation Move.

To quote: Take aim and relive Resident Evil history with the upcoming Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection!

This two game bundle features both Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles in glorious high definition with PlayStation Move and trophy support. Play with a friend and survive the horrors of Resident Evil 0, 1, 2, 3, Code Veronica, and more!

Coming this June, the Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection will be available for download exclusively on PlayStation 3 in North America and Europe. The collection will initially be sold as a discounted two game bundle, but at a later date, each of the titles will be available for purchase separately.

Check out the brand new trailer to see the games in action!

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#6 - moja - 144w ago
moja's Avatar
Okay, so this is (again) good Sony marketing. This is not a Resident Evil collection of each number in the series. It is two on-rails shooters that relives 'great' moments from the entire series. So if you haven't played through the originals yet, you will have spoilers playing through these (apparently). This is like a RE Cliff Notes collection. Sucks.

#5 - inginear - 144w ago
inginear's Avatar
thanks for the replies everyone.

d3adliner: i was under the impression that the chronicles contained the separate games on one disc each, and it they are not a game themselves. are you telling me that the chronicles are separate games themselves?

PLAYER 1: i still have my original working ps and ps2. but since my ps3 is an early b/c model i could just play all the games on it. i did read sometime ago about people getting upset about the changes to the gameplay of the re series. did the changes happen after #3?

B4rtj4h: i do not have nor do i plan to get a 3ds. did they not make a port for the psp?

#4 - B4rtj4h - 144w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Don't forget Revelations for 3DS! It's an official story that comes after 5

#3 - PLAYER 1 - 144w ago
PLAYER 1's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by inginear View Post
i'm interested in these games and have a few questions. as someone who has never played the resident evil games, should i get the chronicles and play through all the games? or should i just get certain ones once they are split up? is there one continuous story through the games, or is it a non sequitor series?

If you are a gamer, turn on your psx and play the series (1, 2, 3, survivor) there is a unique filling in it. After that, RE was not the same.

#2 - d3adliner - 144w ago
d3adliner's Avatar
The Chronicles would contain quite a good number of spoilers if you haven't played the series before. I recommend this order:

RE or the RE:make


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