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Video: PlayStation 4 (PS4) Developer Kits Version 2 Surface at IGN

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108w ago - Following up on the previous rumor and PS4 (Orbis) details, IGN has shared some video footage and details on Version 2 of the PlayStation 4 (PS4) Developer Kits below.

According to their source, a new version 2 of the PlayStation 4 dev kit is currently being distributed to developers with the final version expected next year.

To quote from their page (linked above): Anonymous sources have reportedly told [Register or Login to view links] that new versions of the Orbis kit are winging their way to developers, replete with Blu-ray support and housed in the humble cases of normal PCs.

This is apparently the second iteration of the dev kit; the first, which appeared earlier this year, was in essence just a graphics card, while this version is now a "modified PC". The report asserts that the next update will come in January, when it'll be close to final specifications, with the ultimate version landing with devs next summer.

The shipping of the Orbis kit apparently follows a series of meetings held by Sony in the US this week, where the company explained what the machine was designed to do and how to get the most out of it. Interestingly, at these meetings it's been claimed that Sony didn't refer to the machine as "the PlayStation 4" at all, instead opting to use the "Orbis" title at all times.

The dev kits are apparently based on the AMD’s A10 APU series and come with either 8GB or 16GB of RAM, as well as the Blu-ray drive already mentioned and a 256GB hard drive as standard. This is to ensure that the console will be able to run 1080p60 games in 3D.

The Orbis kits have both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, as well as HDMI out slots; so pretty much exactly what you'd expect to find on your current PlayStation 3. However, the big reported difference comes with the UI, which has been designed to be more fluid and allow extensive navigation anywhere on the system simply by pressing the PS button mid-game. This was demoed to the assembled masses by purchasing DLC from the PS Store without quitting the game.

No details were leaked about the system's controller. IGN reached out to Sony for comment, but were told the company "doesn't comment on rumor and speculation."

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#15 - tilla - 112w ago
tilla's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by azrayl View Post
8-16 gb of ram compared to the current PS3's "256MB XDR Main RAM, 256MB GDDR3 VRAM" is a huge difference but the current A10 models (130$) are not powerful at all. They barely compete with intels i3 series. Also the integrated GPU can't really work as the main GPU in my opinion. It needs a dedicated GPU as well.

A lot of your assumptions are false. A bluray player will cost Sony at MOST $20 They haven't said they're using an SSD at all and I doubt they are because 250 GB is way expensive in that format, but dirt cheap in regular HDs. Like, $20 again. Keep bulk/direct purchase prices and not retail.

#14 - G Sus - 112w ago
G Sus's Avatar
hopefully due to the amd a10 architecture, devs can use standard pcs with blueray drives to find exploits etc. or at least lead to greater possibility of an acceptable working emulator.

i just cant wait to get my hands on one. (it sucks to be a tech junkie)

#13 - NTA - 112w ago
NTA's Avatar
Haha, why would Sony purposely include something that many users want

Hopefully, there will be another commercial about if they decide to though

#12 - G Sus - 112w ago
G Sus's Avatar
looks like the ps4 (orbis) could be a pretty powerful piece of tech. the amd a10 architecture is pretty let down by pcs, since the operating systems are optimised for intel systems, and the inbuilt cpu/gpu isnt really totally catered for.

I assume Sony has worked alongside AMD to get the best performance from this technology. and since amd is a whole lot cheaper than current intel, or cell processors, i just hope were gonna get a lot of power for very little cash. as for the 8 to 16gb of ram , well we all know thats not going to happen, thats only whats in the dev. units, it is definitely not what will go into the retail units.

ive got to say im glad to hear it will have a bluray drive, since nothing better has come along yet and i was expecting them to produce a discless system with psn downloads only. The fact that the Blueray drive is there can only be a good sign.

It was also good to see that system updates would still be able to be optional through turning off background update downloads.
Looks like the Ps4 is going to be as much fun to play with as the ps3

#11 - azrayl - 112w ago
azrayl's Avatar
8-16 gb of ram compared to the current PS3's "256MB XDR Main RAM, 256MB GDDR3 VRAM" is a huge difference but the current A10 models (130$) are not powerful at all. They barely compete with intels i3 series. Also the integrated GPU can't really work as the main GPU in my opinion. It needs a dedicated GPU as well.

I mean the console is going to cost at least 400-450$ upon release. A BluRay player costs about 50-80$ max. Let's say the mainboard costs 100$. And an SSD HDD could cost about 120$-200$ depending on the size. This would add up to about 400-510$.

Sony always produced products which were very innovative. When I think about the first release of the PS3 that console went for 699$.

I don't really believe any of these rumors are true or even if they are true the PS4 is still in planning phase meaning Sony still didn't decide on what kind of features it will have.

The current information states that the PS4 won't provide nothing more than a more powerful multicore CPU/GPU and more memory. The PSN/SEN has also been redesigned so there's nothing new here aswell. A BluRay player which is 10 years old technology.

I had hoped we'd have holo discs by now. Though this wouldn't work because of a 256 gb HDD limitation. Ah yea the newest thing and probably the most useful feature will be USB 3.0 ports.

I hope that at least we will have the option to store games on external drives but thinking of Sony's paranoia they won't do that.
And considering the lifetime of an SSD HDD they'll have to be changed in 3 year cycles.

I wonder if in future there'll be less porting issues when consoles become smaller "gaming/entertainment only computers".
Thought it'd actually be sad if Sony would sell a desktop computer and call it a console.


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