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Video: Leaked PS4 Trailers Hint at PlayStation 4 E3 2010 Reveal?

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236w ago - Today GamesRadar.com (linked above) has uncovered two purportedly leaked viral video trailers from YouTube user SCElabs, which may be intended for Sony's PS4 and hint at a PlayStation 4 E3 2010 reveal!

Of course, this news comes despite Sony previously citing the PS3 will have a ten year lifespan and Sony CEO Jack Tretton stating PS4 will arrive only when technology exceeds the PS3 entertainment system.

[Register or Login to view links] reports that the viral videos appear to be promoting Modern Warfare 2 going 3D on the PS3 despite the PS4 logo.

To date, there have been countless PS4 rumors (like this one and this one) so feel free to share your comments below if you feel these videos are legit or just part of a viral marketing campaign.

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#17 - LIL935 - 236w ago
LIL935's Avatar
Oh, ps4 is not.. it a surprise announcement from long time of the launch of the ps3 that they had to leave post current 2011.

we'll see, does it have an intel processor that looks like this console to a pc..

#16 - dc740 - 236w ago
dc740's Avatar
That's easy as pie. The videos are in the wrong order in the post.. of course it PS4 3.1 first, PS4 4.0 second.

First OBVIOUS thing: It's some kind of funny copy of the movie "The Ring" combined with some resources from "The Blair witch project", specially the PS4 v3.1 ending.

Second: In the PS4 v3.1 video, the scientists are not making any progress.

Finally: In the PS4 v4.0 video, one of the scientists gets up of the chair tired of "testing" and seeing no progress, while the second scientist stays and realizes that it worked.

EDIT: I almost forgot: yes, it's a fake. It's probably a students project (look at the ages of everyone there). But not a real Sony ad... Sony would not copy a movie to make the ps4 advertisings

#15 - victor307664 - 236w ago
victor307664's Avatar
Fake, but I do like the first one. That was pretty cool.

#14 - proskopina - 236w ago
proskopina's Avatar
thanks boss for sharing!!! we all have to wait and see... you never know!!!!

#13 - rorage - 236w ago
rorage's Avatar
this is for 3d, thats why he has glasses, it says at the bottom ps4 v3.21 it's a play.


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