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Video: How to run Grand Theft Auto IV at 1080p!

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338w ago - Here is a little how-to guide on how to run Grand Theft Auto at 1080p on the PlayStation 3. If you have a 1080p set and the game keeps booting up in 720p all you need to do is disable the other resolutions, I will show you how to do that now...

Go to to the display option under settings
Select video output settings
Select HDMI
Select custom
Untick 1080i and 720p
Press X
Press X again
Select finish
Launch game

Please note that you need a 1080p HDTV in the 40" range and preferably connected via HDMI.

Here is a video:

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Icewolf77's Avatar
#9 - Icewolf77 - 336w ago
Well in my Opinion, the forced 1080p mode produces a very blurry, out of focus picture... It's not as sharp as the 720p mode, so i switched back to the original 720p, cause its much sharper.

Darthswan's Avatar
#8 - Darthswan - 336w ago
I will have to take a look at this when I get back into town. Do you notice a visual difference?

By turning the 1080i and 720p off, what happens to other games that are in 720p?

pepijndamen's Avatar
#7 - pepijndamen - 338w ago
Ok great. thanks for the swift replies

wicked insanity's Avatar
#6 - wicked insanity - 338w ago
Quote Originally Posted by pepijndamen View Post
Is it really running in 1080p or does the PS3 upscale it?

The PS3 outputs GTA IV at full 1080p HD quality in crisp 7.1 Dolby Digital surround given the right setup. For those n00bs who aren't so sure "it says so on the box".

I don't have a 1080 set myself only 720 but I would imagine that such a big title is bound have full HD output anyway.

nastywong1976's Avatar
#5 - nastywong1976 - 338w ago
Nice! Will try that next time me plays... Still waiting for a box to connect my ps3 to my 23" apple cinema display!

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