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Video: God of War: Collection PlayStation 3 Gameplay Footage

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272w ago - When Sony announced they would be releasing God of War and God of War II in one God of War: Collection package, many gamers became excited.

With new features like support for PS3 Trophies, the God of War: Collection went from just being a re-release of two awesome PS2 games, to one of the biggest PS3 releases of the year.

On top of two great games, Sony is also including a demo of God of War III.

To quote: Below, you'll find the first gameplay footage from the collection. The game looks much cleaner that the original versions were.

Special thanks to Hen0sz3r0 for uploading the footage.

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#9 - oemskepoemfer - 272w ago
oemskepoemfer's Avatar
God of war is the best ps3 game ive played so far. and with number 3 coming i cant wait to play that. if its realy clener than the past two that would make it an even better experience because you could see some of the glitches in them. any way hope this one will make up for them

#8 - OGroteKoning - 272w ago
OGroteKoning's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by KRaZE View Post
Chains of Olympus sucked IMO

Too short, and boring moves. Not to mention how epic can Kratos be on a 3"x5" screen? blah :P

Its a great game for a plane trip and when you have a couple of hours to kill (pardon the pun". The other peeps on he plane, however, said I was too intense for their liking ... they obviously do not know what Kratos (and I) had to go through!!

#7 - KRaZE - 272w ago
KRaZE's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by simcore View Post
Wait, so this is footage of God of War I and II on PS3? It's a port though right and not a remake as such, it definitely does look very frickin tight... Could be worth a purchase to revisit the series.

If only there was another God of War on PSP..

Chains of Olympus sucked IMO

Too short, and boring moves. Not to mention how epic can Kratos be on a 3"x5" screen? blah :P

#6 - CyanCaze - 272w ago
CyanCaze's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by semitope View Post
I would say its definitely not exactly the same game as the ps2 version. I don't remember some of the things kratos does in the vid.

I remember everything from the video and I can say for sure that they are 100% remakes with better textures.

#5 - dalevieira - 272w ago
dalevieira's Avatar
I've never had the chance to play these two games, but I'm definitely going to buy this collection to know what I need for God Of War 3, I hope they keep it at 40 bucks...

Oh, and by the way, it looks amazing, much better than any ps2 title I've ever played.


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