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Valve Explains Why They Avoid the 'Too Technical' PS3 Console

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280w ago - How come we've yet to see Valve develop something for the PS3? Being one of the better game developers out there, you'd think they'd be one of the first to get in line tweaking with the PS3's hardware.

Apparently, that's not the case as they seem to find it too complicated.

Tom Leonard, Valve Game Designer, had this to say when asked about this very issue over at E3:

"The PC and the 360 are just more straightforward. We can focus on what we want to do, which is make game experiences, instead of sweating bullets over obscure architectural decisions they make with their platform... I didn't come into this business in the 90s because of some technical fetish.

I came in because I wanted to give people experiences that made them have fun."

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jemarval's Avatar
#8 - jemarval - 280w ago
Totally agree otaru.

With so many ps3 exclusives already, all valve does is prove their mediocrity with this announces. Ok, many others have managed to create outstanding games, many among the best in videogame history, and all valve can say is: "It's really too hard, we better stick with what we know".

sorceror's Avatar
#7 - sorceror - 280w ago
Quote Originally Posted by brent0r View Post
EA, Kojima, Namco and now Valve.. I love the PS3 dont get me wrong but if its turning big developers away its gotta say something.

Progamming the Cell is different from programming traditional CPUs, and the available tools don't give developers a lot of handholding. That said,[Register or Login to view links].

Valve doesn't owe Sony or PS3 owners anything, and they can choose not to develop for the PS3 if that's what they want. Personally, I figure it wouldn't hurt them to form a small team to experiment with the PS3 and see what they can learn from it, but it's their choice.

ZBlacktt's Avatar
#6 - ZBlacktt - 280w ago
Last I checked, Sony has 19 in house game developer companies. Which is one shy twice as many as Xbox. So, I don't think we should care if these lazy developers want to stick with the cookie cutter console. The PS3 is doing just fine and so is Sony. Hence why they are said to have won E3 this year. There only getting better with time.

lawllawl's Avatar
#5 - lawllawl - 280w ago
Well they do have a very good point. The PC and 360 are much more simplier (for one the 360 is pretty much based off a PC) than a PS3.
I mean they're here to make a lot of money and well making their developers learn a new programming language would take time and money.

kablooey's Avatar
#4 - kablooey - 280w ago
Quote Originally Posted by otarumx View Post
Ok let me translate:

"We came to this business to make the most money with the least amount of work, so, we stick to the PC and 360 because they are easy to program for and we are too lazy to learn any other way of programming. I mean if we could have an engine that could just do all the work for us we could just sit on our asses all day and count the money."

Did that read like I was pissed off at Valve?, All kidding aside I think Valve should just stick to PC, they don't support 360 as much as they do PC, they just dumped code and forgot about it. I really hope other companies aren't as lazy and think of themselves as all high and mighty.

You damn right otarumx!!!

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