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Uncharted 2 PS3 Game Freezing Problems Being Reported

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270w ago - This weekend is the first many Uncharted 2 fans have had to get into the PS3 game, which was released last week on October 13 in the US, October 15 in Australia and October 16 in European markets.

That being said, this weekend also marks the beginning of numerous Uncharted 2: Among Thieves freezing reports surfacing... which appear to affect all makes and models of PS3 and can 'strike' at anytime.

However, the majority of reports say that it comes near the end of the game, with a few complaining of freezing problems at the start.

Currently there is no surefire way to fix this problem, however, many are simply returning the game to their retailer to exchange it for a new copy.

To quote: "Whether the system is the cause of the problem, the game, or a possible firmware glitch is the root of the problem hasn't been deciphered, yet. Unfortunately for those who are being affected by the freezing issue, there isn't a sure way to fix it at the given time.

If you are experiencing this problem, you may want to exchange your current copy for a new copy at your local retailer. Hopefully, that will fix the problem for you."

If anyone here has experienced a freezing issue with Uncharted 2 on their PlayStation 3 console feel free to report it in the comments below!

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#18 - Guest425346 - 259w ago
Guest425346's Avatar
I've been having this problem very frequently throughout not just the single player but mainly the multiplayer as well and i've come up with a fix.

Every time you play the game you have to delete any old game update data (such as the new update that just came out) then go on as you would by starting the game. Then it will download and install it again and you will be free to play the gameuntil you turn of the ps3 or exit back to the ps3 xmb.

Unfortunately this isn't a permanent fix but it does work for me and if this works with you guys please reply and maybe naughty dog can use this to fix the problem for everyone in a later update.

#17 - saviour07 - 268w ago
saviour07's Avatar
I've completed uc2 bout 3-4 times (collecting the medals etc) and not once have i had it freeze on me.

The disc made me update from 2.76 to 2.8, but i think the freeze issue could be hardware, software and firmware related ie. firmware version x.xx, with uc2, and defected/deteriorated hardware (you might take care of your ps3 but its still prone to damage, even if you dont know it yet)

Anyways, iv had no issues with a jap launch 60gb, fw 2.8

#16 - maxpwer222 - 268w ago
maxpwer222's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by red8316 View Post
I also had (1) Freeze happen. HDD light blinking like crazy. Running down some steps in the Cintamani Temple after a fight and it froze. Not bad though, look at Fallout 3, that's a mess there.

Yea, my Fallout would always freeze around the ants. It was rather annoying.

I had one freeze while playing Uncharted 2. Not a big deal since there is a autosave point every 10 seconds.

#15 - pepijndamen - 268w ago
pepijndamen's Avatar
I had a freeze almost at the end of the game, but after restarting my PS3 the problem was gone.

#14 - red8316 - 268w ago
red8316's Avatar
I also had (1) Freeze happen. HDD light blinking like crazy. Running down some steps in the Cintamani Temple after a fight and it froze. Not bad though, look at Fallout 3, that's a mess there.


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